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    AliDropship Woo ver. UPDATE

    The same thing has happened to me after running the manual update. Over half my products went to draft though they are available on AliExpress. Both my plugins are updated.
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    Quick question on product attributes

    You can set an attribute to default from the variations section, see image.
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    Remove Sale Price

    I came across two different ways to fix this. The first was to add this plugin: It is easy to remove/change the sale price without messing anything up. Of course, after every update, the sale prices...
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    Remove Sale Price

    Sorry for re-asking this question, but how do I remove the sale price? No matter where I edit the price from, be it the product, the variation, or the update page, the sale price always returns once I manually update my products, which I do every other day since the auto update doesn't work...
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    Combining Products / Variables

    Hello, I have two questions about variations. 1. Can I combine variations? Eg: My item has 8 bow tie variations, 4 for adults and four for kids. I want to couple them into four options where each option has one adult bow tie and one kid bow tie. So, when the user selects option one, he is...
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    Variation problem

    Can I delete some of my variations from the attributes section instead without things getting messed up?
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    Variation problem

    Hello, I am having problems with the variations. I have disabled all the variations that I don't want to appear on the front end, but since the 0.7.2 update, they are now showing. Do I delete the unwanted variations using remove? Will the product stock and price still update correctly if I do...