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  1. Elke

    Possible to do Affiliate Marketing?

    Hello, Question 1: I an wanting to promote my site using affiliate marketing and am wanting to know if anyone knows how to or if there are any options for generating codes or anything in order to facilitate the affiliate marketing? Question 2: I have now been told by someone in the IT...
  2. Elke

    Prices Getting Generated Incorrectly (Way Too Expensive)

    Hi, I've now how this problem with around 10 products over the last couple of weeks, and it seems to happen randomly. What happens is that a product will cost (for example) $40 on AliExpress, but will appear on my site for $1259, much more than the Algorithm should generate. I've uploaded some...
  3. Elke

    Discrepancy between inventory and item availability on AliExpress

    Hoping for some clarification on this. I'm just getting started with my AliDropship store and I was updating a product I've got on there and I noticed the inventory listed was 69 units, but when I went to the AliExpress page for that item it said "Sorry, this item is no longer available." (See...