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  1. maxeena

    Woo plugin disappear after installed

    Hi I recently purchased my second store plugin. Installed on ELECTRO theme, but after I download the plugin and installed in my WordPress the Ali plugin not show up!!! I don't know why!!! My PHP 7.1 thanks
  2. maxeena

    Almost 4 months

    hi I wondering why no sell in my website yet I spend some money on facebook ads!! Then I figure it out that is no body can see prices on my website except me!!!! Really?
  3. maxeena

    Footer cover the blog

    hi After I click on login link, the footer covering all the login. Please how can I fix it. Attachment #1 the footer cover login Attachment #2 login is work good, but after 3 seconds the footer go up and covering the login!
  4. maxeena

    New block

    Hi... I recently installed Davinci theme with Ali dropship plugin. Please some body tell me if I can improving my website in future. One more thing... Can I add new block such as (new arrivals) or (best seller)?