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  1. Irsan Widyawan

    struggling to make a sale...

    Keep calm & fighting bro Different people & different niche is different problem I have website, already 3 month but not yet have sales. But, I am on my way to build customer database. I still on my building on my "pool". That why I still "GIVE", not yet "TAKE" I give content that rellated with...
  2. Irsan Widyawan

    How long should someone persist on a niche?

    Dear Valentina, I think we had same experience for this. I already run for 3 months but until now not yet have sales. But, this is my learn way to success, so i will focus on my niche right now until get high sales. After that, i can duplicate ways to another niche. By the way, can anybody...
  3. Irsan Widyawan


    He make with facebook ads and carousel option for image displaying. And then, he published the post in his fp pages post
  4. Irsan Widyawan

    Any one can help me on 2CO payment gateway?

    i have same experience with you. I assume their rule very strict, if our website didn't comply with a lit of 2co rule, they won't reply our objection or question. It waste their time. But, if we didn't comply 1 or 2 rule, they inform us by email about our proposal registration
  5. Irsan Widyawan

    FB ads Pixel

    Hi everyone, I am using FB ads for promoting my website. I want to ask, we know that we can put our FB Pixel ID on Alidropship customization. Is that correct if only put FB Pixel ID on the Alidropship customization, we don't need put another pixel code for Add to cart, purchase, view content...
  6. Irsan Widyawan

    Any one can help me on 2CO payment gateway?

    You can ask the customer support. The information that I get, we have to reinstall wordpress again then install woocommerce and then install alidrosphip woo version. It means, all of setting and products that we already published will missing. No option for backup and restore that. So, we have...
  7. Irsan Widyawan

    Any one can help me on 2CO payment gateway?

    already released, but we have to start from scratch again. I think its very worth it because a lot of option in payment gateway in woo version.
  8. Irsan Widyawan

    Any one can help me on 2CO payment gateway?

    Awww, feel headache, because I sold all item which can cause copyright issue. I sold stuff from popular film like Yaros did in his website Harry Potter. I think one of the solution is waiting Alidropship woocommerce version because woocommerce provide a lot of payment gateway, one of these come...
  9. Irsan Widyawan

    Any one can help me on 2CO payment gateway?

    Hi sir, I want to ask. Have you contact your ae supplier before you give the link to 2co?So, ae supplier will prepare the verification from 2co. Another question. I assume that you already sell the ae supplier without 2co account before. So, you just use paypal for you web ? Thank you for...
  10. Irsan Widyawan

    What payment gateway to choose

    we had same problem. In my case,all of ae seller had different reply. I have one supplier that already final stage to sign but suddenly he need to ask his boss and until now, there are no reply from them even i follow up by email. Need another strategy
  11. Irsan Widyawan


    Hi @Yaros did Alidropship have tutorial or knowledge base for setting autoresponder using Mailchimp? Thank you