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  1. Liang

    Latest Marketing - FB Chatbot, Website Notification and etc

    Hi all, Recently, I visited some website and found their marketing strategies are genius. 1. Is to get fb followers to sign up for your chatbot and you can pop them anytime you want. It is so cool as resolve the FB organic reach issue. 2. Is to allow your website visitors to click...
  2. Liang

    Any Suggestions for Free Sales Countdown Plugin?

    After watching youtube channel, There are people recommend for installing a sales countdown plugin to create urgency in the store and create higher conversion rate. Any recommendation?
  3. Liang

    General Store vs Niche Market

    Is there anyone open a General Store with Alidropship Plugin? How does a General Store look like? Is it better than having a niche market?
  4. Liang

    Feature of Blog Post changed after updating Alidropship & Theme Plugin

    Hi guys, Most of the time, I am using Content Marketing to drive traffic to my site. Recently, I updated my Alidropship and Theme Plugin. After updated, there are a lot of changes to my Blog Post. Any ways to have a guideline to use it or make modification on it? From my attached picture, 1...
  5. Liang

    ePacket vs other shipping methods

    Hi all Sellers, Most often, ePacket to USA is free, but to Europe, it cost few dollars, which might affect our profit margin. For examples, a phone case cost US 4.90, free ePacket to USA, 3 dollars to Europe. Based on pricing strategy, we sell at U$9.90. Selling to USA is good, however...
  6. Liang

    How to update our products automatically?

    Recently, I realized some of the products I listed on my web store are not more available from the seller in Aliexpress. Should I check all the stock manually or is there any ways to update the latest product availability automatically?
  7. Liang

    How to ensure items delivered to customers?

    I received Aliexpress email that order was delivered to the customer. But how do I ensure that this item has received by my customer? Should I email my customer to confirm the delivery? Or using Tracking ID as a confirmation?
  8. Liang

    How to handle Spanish/German/French Address?

    When we put french address like this one 59 allée du Colonel Fabien It is not accepted in Aliexpress. How do you guys handle it? Change the é to e ?? or convert the whole address into English?
  9. Liang

    What should I do when I found 4 similar Da Vinci Webstore in my niche?

    Hi All, After purchased AliDropship Plugin, I make my webstore ready for my niche. After launching, and using similar marketing strategies, I found out that there are at least 4 similar AliDropship Web Store around and all of them already have 1k-10k followers in their Social Media. I am not...
  10. Liang

    My application to 2Checkout Failed. Any suggestions?

    Hi All, My application to 2Checkout failed... Currently I have paypal payment gateway ready. Any ways would you like to suggest me on how to apply 2Checkout successfully?
  11. Liang

    Seller Rating vs Seller Reliability

    Hi guys, I realized that there is a new feature called "Seller Reliability". When you are importing products from Aliexpress, which option are you looking for? Seller Rating (Feedback Score and Positive Feedback) or Seller Reliability (Green or Red Color) or using both?
  12. Liang

    Davinci: Website Logo

    Hi Guys, How do you make the website logo into 190 x 50 pixel? It is so small and when put on website, it looked really blur... Any suggestions on it?
  13. Liang

    Subscribe Form Issue

    Hi, Before I sign up for Mailchimp and create my subscription form, the subscription area appeared on my website is as below: However, after copy and paste the embedded code into my website, the subscription form appeared as below: Any ideas how I can make it back to the original appearance?
  14. Liang

    Inquiry on Child Theme & Plugin/Theme Updates

    Hi All, Since the plugin and the themes will updates as time goes by, we need to keep update the latest version of the plugin and themes. In this case, if we make certain modification on the themes, and we get updated from the latest version, our modified themes will be gone, right? With...
  15. Liang

    Shipping Option: ePacket or Aliexpress Standard Shipping or Chinapost

    Hi all, Sometimes I found that ePacket might charge higher than Aliexpress Standard Shipping with longer estimated delivery time and without tracking information. [Refer to attached picture] Based on your all shopping experience: 1. Is ePacket always better than China post or Aliexpress...