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    Remove Sale Price

    Sorry for re-asking this question, but how do I remove the sale price? No matter where I edit the price from, be it the product, the variation, or the update page, the sale price always returns once I manually update my products, which I do every other day since the auto update doesn't work...
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    Combining Products / Variables

    Hello, I have two questions about variations. 1. Can I combine variations? Eg: My item has 8 bow tie variations, 4 for adults and four for kids. I want to couple them into four options where each option has one adult bow tie and one kid bow tie. So, when the user selects option one, he is...
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    Variation problem

    Hello, I am having problems with the variations. I have disabled all the variations that I don't want to appear on the front end, but since the 0.7.2 update, they are now showing. Do I delete the unwanted variations using remove? Will the product stock and price still update correctly if I do...