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    How are you managing Chinese New Year effects?

    Hi, Since most of the businesses are closed for Chinese News Year, how are you people managing the orders? Or, have you stopped taking orders? Or, something else? Hope to hear from you all.
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    Are addons single site licenses?

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing 6 in 1 bundle, are those addons single site licenses or I can use them on multiple alidropship sites? Also, is there any discount for cyber monday for the bundle?
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer?

    Hi Yaros, Sorry if this is not the correct section to post this topic. Just wanted to know if you are offering any Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer on the plugin? This would help in purchasing more licenses to start new stores. Thanks.
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    Adding BitCoin and Coupon Code Options

    Hi, How about adding bitcoin as an option of payment and coupon code option at checkout? Also, there is a plugin for woocom, where it automatically gives a discount without using any coupon code, like say if someone pays with paypal, it's normal price or they should use a coupon code, but...