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    PHP version error when update the plugin tu 1.6

    Hello, I am getting the error when i added the updated version and change my PHP version from 5.6 to 7.1, but site stop working, like i cannot access the site backend. You can see the screen shot as well below. Please advise what should i need to do?
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    Product Variations show COLOR rather than OPTIONS or SELECT

    Hello, I want to change the name of COLOR on my product variations, because product is not specific with color but still there is COLOR name show. I want to show there Options or Select. Please see the image : Any help would be grateful. Regards,
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    Want to Sale my Soccer Store

    Hello Guys, I want to sale my soccer store. No time to run this. It is 1.3 year old store. All products description added, category content added. SEO done and got few orders from SEO. You just need to take it and give some SEO efforts and your site will again start getting traffic. Organic...
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    Alidropship plugin not updated after update

    Hello guys, I am trying to update the plugin but when i press the update button it will update but when i again refresh the page the same message that update the plugin and the plugin version also not updated after updated. What you guys suggest? Below i updated the plugin When refresh the...
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    Plugin not update the price with rule

    Hello Support, Alidropship plugin not update the or double the price of my products automatically and also the product page is not going to Aliexpress it will redirect me to the Admin panel of that specific product. Any help will be appreciabale. Regards,
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    BOOST your Social Ranking NOW

    Hello guys, I am sharing a Wordpress plugin that i was using from one month and i am getting good traffic from this little tool. Sale page Virus Total...
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    [GET] Boost your Ranking with Tumblr (PA 28+)

    Hello guys, I just want to help you to get your site rank in google so you can increase your organic searches. I am sharing with you Tumblr with PA28+. If you know how to use it then it will be great boost in your rankings. And if you don't know i can give you strategy how you can use it. Just...