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  1. Keyur Amin

    Davinci Theme 1.0.1 is getting downloaded instead of 2.*

    When I click on the link to download the theme here it downloads the version 1.0.1 How can I get the latest version please? Update; Sorry, my bad - I just saw the version 1.0.1 and there was this another 2.0 next to it which I didn't notice. All good folks.
  2. Keyur Amin

    No Notifications of order and nothing recorded in the backend as well

    Hello, I just received a message from someone who said that she ordered a product on 23rd February and have been waiting since then. Upon checking the records, I do not find any thing for her in the website backend, Stripe or PayPal account. Could it be a hoax but then she also said that she...
  3. Keyur Amin

    Is it possible to add a custom product tab on product pages?

    I want to add different tabs on a specific product pages. Is it possible? If so, how do I get it working please!
  4. Keyur Amin

    Pricing is zero for a product whose pricing in Aliexpress is $7

    Hello, I have a product whose pricing appears to be zero. The price in AliExpress store is $7 and I clicked 'Update' button and it started updating. It is now 27 minutes and it is still loading. How long should we wait? Moreover, when I click 'Update' in AliDropship > AliExpress > Updates, I...
  5. Keyur Amin

    Tracking service - ePacket and 17track

    Hello guys, Don't mind please if this is a noob question. I am using ePacket to send the products to my customers in the US. In the backed of the plugin, 17track is enabled. Just wondering if that option will still track ePacket deliveries from start to end. Please advise.
  6. Keyur Amin

    Product Options have not been saved. Field required - seo_keywords

    When I try to save a product page, I get this error - Product Options have not been saved. Field required - seo_keywords Also the products are not getting updated automatically. Even if the product page is gone from Aliexpress, my site still shows the page and it do not become draft from...
  7. Keyur Amin

    Products page showing 404 error

    I have Alidropship Plugin version 0.9.22 and I am using the DaVinci Theme. When I click on the 'Products' link on the top header navigation, it shows me 404 error. Currrently the following pages are showing the 404 Error
  8. Keyur Amin

    Facebook Share Images

    Hello Folks, When I share a page using the FB icon displayed on an individual product page, at times, the featured image is not being considered or taken but instead, the very first image in the description is being considered for sharing. How could I change this to choose a particular image...
  9. Keyur Amin

    Product ID * has not updated!

    I am looking at the Activites section of Alidropship plugin, and I see that several products are not getting updated although I have set the plugin to auto update daily. Check the screenshot below: Is there anything I am missing in the settings!
  10. Keyur Amin

    Pinterest Sharing Button

    Hey Folks, I am having a problem sharing a product on Pinterest. Check my screenshot below: It gives me the following error: You need to upload an image or provide the 'image_url' parameter
  11. Keyur Amin

    Two Registration Page?

    Hey folks, I am surprised by getting too many spam registration. I have used the Google ReCaptcha for the registration page powered by AliDropship Plugin. But surprisingly I also have the page which makes users to register...
  12. Keyur Amin

    Google Cache Not Showing Text Content

    Hello Guys, I launched my site 2 days back and got few pages indexed. However, I discovered that the content that is written on the category page which is shown after the pagination does not get indexed. I also tried to check the and index cache of its category pages too and I...
  13. Keyur Amin

    Page Not Found?

    Hello, There are several pages that are present such as Registration page, Login Page, My Account page and they load perfectly however the meta title of all those pages reads "Page not found"? Please check this pages and its meta titles! I think all those pages that are generated dynamically are...
  14. Keyur Amin

    FB Ads - 30 clicks for just $1.48

    Hey folks. I just finished my purchasing of a plugin, installation of theme, setting and customisation of theme and creating pictures in Canva and hell of a task to complete the site up and running in just 8 hours. I thank you to the developers who has designed and developed this plugin to make...