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    Automate Complete Status on Tracking

    I thought I had seen that orders could be set to automatic completed when the tracking shows a delivery. Even if a few from say Ali Express Standard were autocomplete in the woocommerce backend this would be a good time saver. I think I used to go into the tracking area and click on re-track...
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    Is this possible? Virtual Assistant Chrome Plugin Access

    Hi I need to get some time back and orders are coming in. So I need help, I'm lucky my partner is going to start to help me but let's ignore that I know her and maybe have a discussion around virtual assistants and how it can work to automate say the ordering part. Wordpress Login- full admin...
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    Hide estimated shipping times in order details to customer

    We all know that sometimes it takes longer to arrive but 70% of the time shipping is much faster than the stated estimated delivery time. I got one customer panicking that the delivery exceeded what I stated as it showed the aliexpress SAFETY times which are too conservative. So anyone know...
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    New image features broken on my site

    Second issue I came up with in the images. I have no main image loading losing money on ads. PLEASE FIX ASAP.
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    [BUG] Change of address functionality leads to lost sales from Ali Dropship Woo Plugin

    So I was wondering why I had this weird drop down for my UK based store. I get issues I have seen all too often I started looking for the fix. I went onto woocomerce support - nothing. I went to the advanced facebook woocomerce group which is very good and found it was just my...
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    Have you checked your checkout flow using hotjar or lucky orange?

    I have been looking this week and before at possible reasons for abandonment. I had two very persistent Irish customers who failed to checkout because of woocommerce field county and a link being presented to check address. This is not the only issue I have with the checkout. If you compare to...
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    Something's not right with my shop performance

    Please note if you are going to give constructive criticism then great read on- and I am most grateful of the feedback. If you are already looking at, analysing this post for a way to have a poke so you can 'flex' as I see many of you like to (given previous posts from many contributors) then...
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    Go straight to cart vs ajax cart

    Hi I wanted to ask if anyone has experimented with changing the woocommerce setting that allows you to control the behaviour when you click add to cart. a) Shows an ajax update and a highlighted drop down cart div over the icon at the top of the site. b) Goes to the shopping cart page. 'a' has...
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    Help with the flow of an order and setup..

    Hi I am a little confused as to a few conflicting posts here and blogs so I am having to ask incase something has changed. So I am looking to get advice on how to manage the order let's assume e-packet is chosen but raises a first question a) is standard aliexpress shipping the same as e-packet...
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    Warning running dropshipme and aliwoo together

    Hi I am now getting this warning:Duplicate function has been found: please deactivate and uninstall DropshipMe plugin.You are trying to install AliDropship Woo and DropshipMe plugins together. Note that AliDropship Woo includes DropshipMe database and functions. Can we get them both working? I...
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    A little more on setup for insta shopping pls

    Here is a great idea! But I already had a facebook catalogue and all instagram is already connected but the internet (google search cannot help) is not showing anyway to connect a facebook product catalogue to my instagram account. I need to get...
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    Im getting ATC but no purchase

    I am thinking I have abnormally high loss of people they are adding to cart. I only have paypal. Is this a problem? I don't want to complicate things further and I want to see the issues. Also I run a sub domain but I have seen big brands do this too. Here is my site no secrets...
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    Hi has anyone got any real life experience with cjdropshipping

    They look like a well invested company doing well but I thought I would ask here how people are getting on if they have tried them. I had a nightmare with aliexpress suppliers (not all) but enough to know I can't scale with them. So I am looking at a model where I can ship from europe and usa...
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    Automated fulfillment would be great

    It (the plugin) does work well currently however I keep having to make orders and currently until I get better it's manageable. I see that shopify has a plugin that takes care of everything so when an order happens on your site an order is processed on ali! This is where I would like to get the...
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    Google advertising through the shopping tab

    It is obviously good for shopify owners as they have an app which maybe helps them out. But for manually making your alidropship store compliant seems a real pain. I am getting issues due to mostly products not having a GITIN number which is what they need. So this must also be a problem for...
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    Auto location and currency change with dropdown

    I am using this on the free plan and it works to a point. Price based on country - But I see stores like this [cant find it right now] and I wish I could do the same- I get some fb messages asking for the price in their location for other countries. Anyway I...
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    Facebook Group

    I thought I might offer this group I created up as I find there are tons of shopify groups. Facebook I find easier to use than a standard forum. So I will be championing the alidropship product of course using my experience. I will be sharing screens from my facebook ads and generally chatting...
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    Is admitad available for ADW?

    I have seen this can be a good thing to setup and maybe there is a plugin or something. Would be good if this existed in the main product but I haven't seen anything yet. Thanks
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    Backend of site not loading if chrome extension is enabled

    This issue has now existed for 18hrs maybe more and I see no fix or change. When the chrome ali woocomerce dropship extension is disabled the site and backend load fine however when it is enabled there are issues. Has anyone else experienced any issues. Can I get some support please? Thanks
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    New store add to carts no orders..

    I saw on a shopify forum this problem for new stores when you are getting add to carts and then no orders was to increase trust and social proof. Ok well the abandoned cart is not for the woocomerce plugin I understand. So does anyone have any suggestions for plugins. Can alidropship label...