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    Taxes aren't applied in the cart only in product pages and checkout pages

    No set up taxes are applied in sliding cart, only on product and in the checkout pages but in the side sliding shopping cart only the price minus taxes is shown. Is it the behaviour of the plugin? if yes, I think it is not correct and have to be corrected. See screnshot take from your own demo...
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    Bug in Raphael's product gallery slider (Fotorama implementation)

    When we use for example an iPad and load the site in portrait mode then rotate the device to landscape mode the fotorama product slider breaks. Not happening if we load the site from desktop mode or landscape and then change to portrait (so activate mobile mode in fotorama). You can test it in...
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    GRPD for posting product comments

    Hi, I think there will be a huge improvement to only add very a simple checkbox + custom text/links with the addition of a customizable text field below (to put legal excerpt) since it is impossible to customize this part using child theming (it is an Alidropship tighten related part, so...