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    close this thread

    Nothing happens when clicking "place order automatically" using another user. Chrome extension shows logged in. Need to create a user for an employee to fill the orders.
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    Hello alidropship team! Is it possible to get a plugin modification? Happy to pay for the efforts I'd like to have a different custom note for a supplier based on the item category. E.g Shoes will get one message underwear will get another message.
  3. pearstar

    New aliexpress checkout

    Thoughts? What I dont like 1) cannot see how many items in the cart in the checkout page (still can see it in cart page) 2) cannot see what shipping option is chosen. Have to click to see What I like 1) 1 shipping comment field for multiple items from the same seller. EDIT: What I like 1)...
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    Cashback Alipromo dismissed?

    Cannot access alipromo page for few days now. Wonder if they still exist?
  5. pearstar

    Best country to do dropshipping

    Write here where your business is located and what are the benefits? My business is in Estonia. + 0% tax as long you don't take any profits out. - Annual reporting can be quite overwhelming (need to hire bookkeeper)
  6. pearstar

    filtering aliexpress orders - a mess

    Not alidropship related, but im really having difficulties with aliexpress order filters. I want to filter orders by date. For example 1september to 30th september. But 30th september orders are not there. I dont understand why it does not filter properly. Anyone else has same issues?
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    ads_rg_list ajax hits

    Hello, What plugin is ads_rg_list? Is this the main plugin (alidropship)? a lot of ajax hits come from that plugin and slows down website
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    Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

    I want to add around 100 underwear in my selection. Now I am wondering how will duplicate titles and description impact the SEO overall? I think there is no point adding different titles to every underwear as people don't read them anyway and it takes a lot of time making new titles all the...
  9. pearstar

    Not getting order id automatically

    After migration to different host I noticed some database stuff were off. For example I was not able to save cashback URL on wordpress dashboard. So I had to set it in database manually. I am now wondering if I can do anything in the database so the order ID automatically imports to order once...
  10. pearstar

    Cannot save EPN cashback link

    For some reason when I save the link to the cashback field in alidropship>aliexpress>settings then it wont save. It just disappears. Any suggestions? Yes I followed the KB
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    Socialrabbit: Instagram error: Swipeable carousel duplicate entry

    Hello, Using socialrabbit Instagram poster I experience duplicate entries when "swipeable carousel" is checked. The first two images posted to Instagram are the same featured image of the product. Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. pearstar

    Aliexpress is collecting tax

    Aliexpress started to collect tax on Australia and some US states (SC as far as I know, maybe some more?). My question is .. should I start collecting tax as well? If I start collecting tax as well then should I pay the tax and request the aliexpress tax back? Suggestions?
  13. pearstar

    Reset products with new images

    At the moment when I update product, it will reset prices, variations and leave the images and description the same. Would love to have an option where I also update the images automatically. Sometimes there is a product out of stock in aliexpress which are not sold by anybody else than that 1...
  14. pearstar

    Cardinity payment

    Would love to see their payment gateway available for the regular plugin. I am using it for Woo and they are good.
  15. pearstar

    currency switcher. Default currency in checkout

    Hello, Is it possible to accept multiple currencies in the checkout? I am currently accepting USD(default) + eur + pound. However at checkout it shows USD prices (using alidropship woo)
  16. pearstar

    Different cache plugins, settings and CDN

    1. What cache plugin do you use? 2. What settings do you have on the cache plugin? 3. What CDN do you use? 4. What settings do you have on the CDN? 5. What is your page speed/page size? 1. WProcket 2. Cache settings- File optimization: Media: CDN is enabled...
  17. pearstar

    Imported Variable products duplicated into simple products

    Hello, Let say Aliexpress product has 5 different colors, 10 different sizes. Instead of importing that product as 1 variable product would it be possible to import it into 5 separate (simple) products. Would be awesome.
  18. pearstar

    Registering Dropshipping in BVI

    Hello, Have anybody here registered their company to the British Virgin Islands? Reading they have 0% profit tax, 0% dividend tax. Seems like a heaven.
  19. pearstar

    Laptop or Tablet filling orders while traveling

    Hello, I am planning to buy a small laptop or tablet while I go traveling so I can still fill in orders + answer emails. I am thinking tablet is cheaper, takes less room, has longer battery life. Any suggestions? I am getting roughly 15 orders per day.
  20. pearstar

    Breaking records

    Got my biggest single sale yet - 400$ - Breaking my own records.