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    GDPR Plugin fill in information

    Hey Guys, I think many of us don't exactly understand the GDPR nor the GDPR Plugin. Maybe there can be made a tutorial how to fill all of these things in. I hope some can help me with this. Thanks in advance!
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    How i add pinterest into my web?

    hey guys, can anyone help me how to add pinterest to my website with alidropship hosting? Thanks in advance!
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    Overlapin Main Menu + Fixing Top Menu in a Row

    Hey guys, i got some overlapping with the main menu where can i edit the code for that? i can't find it. i want to place a scrollbar in it and the issue is fixed. and on the top with: Tracking Contact etc.. i want another text next to it, where can i edit that? Thank you guys in advance! :)...
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    Discount settings and prices

    Hi guys! i got a question: As you see below you can see the USAGE, if i put there 100x, that means 1 person can it use it 100x? How does this works exactly? Question 2: i got a page full of discounts like we all do. Does this goes auomatic and if i want to stop the discounts, i need to do it...
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    Need a little bit of help...

    Hey Guys, I just opened a store and still busy to configure somethings. here are the follow issues: Mailgun doesn't work properly, i can send test emails but i dont receive any... i struggle this for some days here are the settings: The other issue is the subscribe...
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    Importing review does not work

    Hey guys, I tried to import reviews with diffrent browsers but none of them works. and the meter tays on 0% Can anyone help me with it? thank youa lot.
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    Davinci theme Google adsense Mobile

    Hey guys, When i going to my website with a smartphone the google adsense is showing up. Only on mobile. How can i delete it? Kind regards