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  1. cristiane


    Why in the product categories the images are too small?
  2. cristiane

    Order delivery

    Hello, there is a plugin that can be shown on the order page the delivery dates according to that from aliexpress? thank you
  3. cristiane

    Change domaine

    I have a woo alidropship plugin on a domain ... Is it possible to delete it on one domain and installed on another?
  4. cristiane

    Plugin delivery time

    Hello everybody, Can we add this woocommerce plugin for the delivery time? It is compatible with the woodropship plugin? Thank you for your answers...
  5. cristiane

    Double and very large image

    After updating the plugin and add google chrome, the pictures on the homepage is very large
  6. cristiane

    Automatic control.

    Pourquoi les commandes ne sont pas automatiques? toutes les commandes doivent être faites manuellement ... Merci pour vos réponses ...
  7. cristiane

    help me!

    Help me! for a week I can not open my orders. When I open orders on woocommerce there is an error. The internal error message of the server 500. But everything is in order on the server. What do I have to do? Can you help me? Thank you I have the woodropship plugin.
  8. cristiane

    Help, can someone help me?

    Hi, Help, can someone help me? For several days I can not open my orders on woocommerce !!!! I check on the server, the updates of the theme etc ... But I can not open the orders anymore ... Can someone help me? The message after essyer is: 500 server error I do not know if it's the alidropship...
  9. cristiane

    Thanks to customers after placing an order?

    Bonjour, Un plugin pour remercier les clients après avoir passé une commande?
  10. cristiane

    images are already compressing?

    Hello, I would like to know the imported images are already compressing?
  11. cristiane

    not optimized?

    Hello, Hello, Are photos imported from Aliexpress not optimized?
  12. cristiane

    after-sales follow-up

    Hello, Where can I find the indications on after-sales follow-up in the new version of the Woo alidrioship plugin? Thank you
  13. cristiane

    Delivered and sent the order follow-up to the client

    Delivered and sent the order follow-up to the client. In the future is it planned to alidropshipwoo the order to the customer with tracking number automatically? Thank you
  14. cristiane

    contrôle automatique

    Hello, why does the automatic order never work ???
  15. cristiane

    automatic control

    Hello, Why automatic order never works ???? Every time I have to do them automatically!
  16. cristiane

    social network

    Hello, Anyone know a free social network management tool to work with woodroship?
  17. cristiane

    tracking command with woo?

    Can anyone advise me for a plugin tracking command with woo?
  18. cristiane


    Bonjour, pouvez-vous m'aider à définir des centimes? Parce que je dois fixer 90 cents et que cela ne change pas.
  19. cristiane

    Marge 50%

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous m'aider à définir des centimes? Parce que je dois fixer 90 cents et que cela ne change pas. Je voudrais également travailler avec une marge de 50% sur les produits, mais comment faire ' Merci beaucoup pour votre soutient
  20. cristiane

    Margin 50%

    Hello, I do not find out how to set a margin of 50% on the products ??? I found x2, x3 but not 50% ... Can you help me? thank you