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  1. tototexas

    google exention

    hi guys, i have alidropship for wordpress and the extension for google chrome actually the extension show off, do you know how to turn it on? thank you
  2. tototexas

    There is no active store

    i am getting this message when i try to add new product to my store how is possible to solve it?
  3. tototexas

    website speed

    Hi guys, I have question regarding the speed of website Uploading product Inoticed that website speed goes from 93 down to 67.... what can be? photo product in descripton or the feedback?? i use alidropship with davinci thank you
  4. tototexas

    SSL Certificate

    how you deal with ssl certificate? witch one you got? Price? thank you
  5. tototexas

    Multiple Language

    Hi guys, do you know if is possible to have the same website with alidropship original in multiple languages? geo languages? or how is possible to do the same store in different languages, any idea? thanks a lot
  6. tototexas

    Affiliate system for your ecommerce

    Hi guys, I was thinking a plugin as affiliate system. Today is very important to get more sales from blogs, influencer so on can be many people interested to sell our products. Something like that in program?
  7. tototexas

    Badge as Best Seller

    Hi guys, would be nice thing to put a badge on some items to show best selling products this could add more social prof as best seller item is considered as good one what do you think about?
  8. tototexas

    AliDropshipp Feedbeck

    Hi, this is just a feedback Is unbelievable how the staff of alidropship Answer and help even on Sunday... GREAT JOB!!! Thank you for the plugin, for the work you providing and for your service!!!!
  9. tototexas

    Volume Discount

    Hi, would like to ask if is possible to create volume discount... for people that would like to buy more items for better price thank you
  10. tototexas

    where can i find the addons?

    Hi, I have seen in there there plugin is already made but I cannot find them, In guide shows all of them.. where I can find? thank you
  11. tototexas

    One click upsell

    Hi everybody, I was thinking about something really interesting that could push the revenue Talking about OTO (one time offer) and one click upsell everyone who made a purchase, before to go to thank you page, could show up a pop up or another page where is possible to add related product with...
  12. tototexas

    Footer links

    hi, I am sorry if I may ask something too easy for someone.. how I put links in footer like the one in photo? thank you very much for help
  13. tototexas

    Facebook app

    someone knows how to find ‘Valid OAuth redirect URIs’ As new user and first time set up an app on facebook, i am not able to find or create this ‘Valid OAuth redirect URIs’ what's the steps and where to find it or witch part to construct it? >developer apps >facebook login > setting >‘Valid...