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    many products change to 0 price !!

    i have many products change to 0 !! and some customers buy it for free !! its funny right
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    Social Rabbit wont download with my licence key !!

    Social Rabbit wont download with my licence key !! its gave this error "License key not found "
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    Payssion Payments on Alidropship !!

    Payssion wocommerce plugin support all payments gateways for all countries on checkout page , while om Alidropship only we can chose one payment gateway for one country , please add a support for multi payments gateway for payssion on alidropship , i know its would be easy change for you as a...
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    very slow and removing importing list issue

    last 2 days importing become very slow and its make too much load on my server !! and when i try to trash product its take too much time !!
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    Editing Tracking number

    i cant find editing tracking number option, looks like you have removed it !! i need it because sometimes am dropshipping from ebay !
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    add product or category list in post

    I am wondering if there is any code i can use with alidropship plugin, so i can list a number of products or categories withing my posts in my website blog ?
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    PayPal guest checkout wont work anymore on alidropship while its working with aliwoo!!??

    I have a problem that paypal on alidropship dont give an option to checkout as guest, while same paypal account but with woocommerce have this option, Woocommerce paypal always have new updates and new option, but alidropship paypal never updated and we dont see any options !! you can check the...
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    SocialRabbit not working with PHP 7

    when i change to php 7 its not working and give error : Social Rabbit Plugin Deactivate the Social Rabbit Plugin and click the "Activate" button again then stop working
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    error version Version

    please next time dont push any update before you testing it , otherwise u can make it beta version so people know its will have some issues !! its not good in eccommerce that your website stopped suddenly woth much error , i have this error with new update : Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2...
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    Thank You email template

    is there any way to change "Check our most popular products" to Related products in thank you for your order email notify ??
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    Payment Gateways - Middle East

    How about some support for middle east ;) i see there is new payment gateway and i have made a test with their plugin on woocommerce platform and they look good , they have API key and secret key , i think its will be easy to integrate with Alidrop : I have attached...
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    Gateway is damage

    Actually i dont know whats a problem !! but this issues will make us lose many customers , are u make us a test machine to test your plugin !! please try to solve all this problem , and u are very slow support team , u need 24 hours to reply to my email , this is error code : Array ( [error]...