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    Fix broken images

    I have identified a few pages where the small icon product option selection images are broken. All my products were imported via Dropship.Me. For example if you look at the Color selection image for Green the image is broken. When I view...
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    Just some feedback

    I had the template store created and have some categories set up by AD. Do I leave the box to have categories created by Dropship Me unticked, when importing products?
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    Social Rabbit

    I have noticed that SR has stopped auto posting to Instagram for about 5 days. I logged in to my portal and logged my account out of Instagram in SR. I then logged in again and manually forced a post to Instagram which worked. But now it has stopped again. I have over 2,000 media items uploaded...
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    Additional Services

    I think additional services like SEO, SEM and social media marketing service packages, advert design etc would be a good offer for newbies from Alidropship. Help customers to get on the road to there first sale. There are a lot of rogue elements out there offering these services. Social Rabbit...
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    Content Delivery Network. Do you use one and if so who? Mine is Stackpath.
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    12 Brilliant Contest Ideas for Facebook Pages (One for Each Month)

    If you're like a lot of marketers out there, you're probably still planning out the year ahead. I know I am! If one of your goals this year is to boost engagement on your Facebook page, then running a monthly contest can really help. Before getting into the contest ideas, remember that you...
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    Product Import

    Is there a way to import products but not have them published straight away. I used the Import Products option in my dashboard. And as soon as I choose Import the product is imported and published on my website. I would like to edit the products before they are published.