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  1. Dylan-

    How are you using Social Rabbit?

    Hello everyone, How are you guys using SR?
  2. Dylan-

    How do you guys deal with product images that don't have clean backgrounds?

    Hello guys, I have products that often don't come with clean white backgrounds? Any idea how I can get white clean backgrounds? And is it absolutely necessary to have it
  3. Dylan-

    Review images gone after switching theme

    Hello guys, I've a strange issue after switching themes, some reviews do have images but other don't... When I click on the icons an image opens, but it is not showing here in the review.
  4. Dylan-

    Problems with Alishipping after switch from Davinci Woo to Flatsome

    I have a really weird issue after switching my theme from Davinci Woo 2.0 to Flatsome. Somehow, the shipping options are there but the text after the shipping options showing the type and time aren't visible. Does anyone has experience with this kind of issue, or knows how to solve it? Thanks...
  5. Dylan-

    How to change my theme from Davinci Woo 2.0 to Flatsome?

    I'd like to change my theme back, however, I encountered several errors when doing so. So I think going with a fresh install might be the best, but how do transfer my existing products?
  6. Dylan-

    Davinci Woo 2.0 - Bad load times

    Hello, I am curious why Davinci Woo 2.0 has such bad load times? I've checked it on the mobile version and it shows a loading time of about 19 seconds.... Starting to think I've made a mistake by moving to this theme from flatsome.
  7. Dylan-

    Davinci Woo 2.0 disable the review stars on the homepage?

    Hello, I'd like to know if it is somehow possible to disable the review stars on the homepage products.
  8. Dylan-

    Does anyone know how to combine variations Woocommerce

    Hello I have a product that has a variation right and left. Does anyone know if it is possible to combine the two into one variation?
  9. Dylan-

    Merchant center add on

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add similar options to the Google shopping extension like in this one - Select variant - product titles or search engine optimized title
  10. Dylan-

    Plugin not removing images old products.

    Even though the option is ticked, It doesn't remove the images of old products from my library. Any idea why this might be happening. Trash is cleared as well.
  11. Dylan-

    Can't change tracking provider.

    Hello, @Victoria Kudryashova When I try to change the tracking provider in Alidropship Woo Settings and hit the save button. It automatically changes back to the old one. I've tried to purge all cache, but this didn't solve the problem.
  12. Dylan-

    Which Social Rabbit tools do you guys use?

    I feel like many tools look spammy, how do you guys utilize this tool?
  13. Dylan-

    Action Blocked

    Anyone else getting this message from the SR promoter? This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.
  14. Dylan-

    Which plugin do you use to recover abandoned carts?

    Just curious what you guys are using.
  15. Dylan-

    Sticky add to cart bar Davinci Woo 2.0

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to add a sticky add to cart bar to the Davinci Woo 2.0 theme. This would be a great addition to the theme.
  16. Dylan-

    How do I set the sale price to none upon importing?

    Hello, How can I set the sale price to none, upon importing a new product? If I leave the price blank it sets it to a discount of 100%
  17. Dylan-

    ADS Likebox Instagram gives a 200 error

    Anyone know how to fix this error with the instagram likebox in WOO Davinci 2.0?
  18. Dylan-

    Alidropship review plugin: Add feature to change images on overview page.

    Hello, It would be great if we can edit reviews on the overview page. For instance when you have an image that you want to remove or edit.
  19. Dylan-

    Import picture from gallery to description not working.

    I've tried the new function to add an image from the gallery to the description, but upon publishing the image isn't visible. There is something there, but the image isn't showing.
  20. Dylan-

    [SOLVED] Social Rabbit not posting captions - This action is blocked.

    Hello, Anyone experience with this? SR doesn't post the captions, only when I do it manually in the Instagram app it works. But the posts don't get likes so that's also kinda weird... SOLVED: I just did as in...