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  1. Mahavir Surana

    Additional information doesn’t shown their values

    Sir, Selected fields with their values in ‘attributes’ option in product edit page are not properly shown on product page’s ‘Additional Information’ column. Please for details about it see screenshot image attached here. Please request to solve this issue for us. Thanks.
  2. Mahavir Surana

    Chrome extenstion is not working.

    Chrome extension is not working. I reinstall chrome extension, authorized site successfully but shown this message- To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel. Please request to solve this issue. Thanks.
  3. Mahavir Surana

    Import reviews issue

    Sir, On Import Reviews page function of some buttons are not worked. For details attached here screenshot image with issue details, please see. Thanks.
  4. Mahavir Surana

    Disable COD option when use coupon

    Sir, I want to disable COD payment option if customer used Coupon Code. Now coupon amount is deducted from the 'Total'. I think it should be deducted from the 'Sub Total'. Because of this way deduction, calculate wrong total amount in "Advance or part payment options" Can it possible? Please...
  5. Mahavir Surana

    Successful payment message

    Sir, Successful payment message is not appears after the payment is completed. Redirecting to an empty cart page.
  6. Mahavir Surana

    Add Shipping Charge Section in Supplier Info.

    Sir, Suggest to add "Shipping Charge" Section in Supplier Info. So that seller known the product's shipping charges. And also there is option to add it in selling price. On this section display only minimum shipping charges from the suppliers shipping options Or Display all options to...
  7. Mahavir Surana

    Error 500

    Sir, Our site have shown 'error 500' . What can I do? Please solve this .Thanks. Site-
  8. Mahavir Surana

    Product edit page error

    Sir, Our site's Product edit page shows blank pages. please check & solve this.Thanks See screenshot image-
  9. Mahavir Surana

    About Alidropship setting page

    Sir, TThere is no option of Admitad Aliexpress link in my Aliexpress settings. And also Aliexpress section shows blank pages.*(screenshot image attached here) Please solve these.
  10. Mahavir Surana

    Images upload failed

    Sir, Showing new images upload error * (screenshot image attached here) And importing the product from Aliexpress is also not showing any images. Should this problem be due to disk storage capacity? How can I delete images and unwanted files from all deleted products? Are they automatically...
  11. Mahavir Surana

    Curency symbol in order not change

    Sir, All currencies symbol in ORDER SECTION not change & shows only in $.Please solve this.Thanks. *(Screenshot image attached here)
  12. Mahavir Surana

    Error in update the buying rates

    Sir, There is difference in buying rate shown in Suppliers Info page & actual buying rate on Aliexpress site. (see attach image error 1) Also there is difference in doller conversation rate (see attach image error 2) . So that see our margin (see image error 3) Please repair these error...
  13. Mahavir Surana

    Dashbord not open

    Sir, After admin login,could not not open dashboard area/admin page. When I activated plugin- "Really Simple SSL" , shown me "error 500" & this problem occured. Please help & solve my issue. Thanks. Site-
  14. Mahavir Surana

    Chrom plugin not work

    Sir, Chrom Import extension is not working for my site- After click on 'use direct import' button,aliexpress site page did not show dropship bar on top of page.And even product have no icon for import product. Since I update extention, re install extention, clean caches...
  15. Mahavir Surana

    About dropship parcel

    I am sending one parcel image that is from china post. I want to give some suggestions about matter written on parcel. On image point -A) add this after supplier address (In favour of- iJEWELMART (INDIA) i,e,- Site name & country B) If possible please do not show any...
  16. Mahavir Surana

    All prices turn 0

    Sir My site is- Sudden turn all site products prices in to 0. Please help me urgent. Thanks.