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    Image will not Import

    After Buying a import product package, I started to import Product, But now the Images wont import Images to be imported: 2879 I cannot get it to start up again Help
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    database error on image

    The problem started with the last Update. I get this error in my logs. Can someone Help? WordPress database error Table xxx_adsw_task_upload_images' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM xxxx_adsw_task_upload_images LIMIT 1 made by do_action_ref_array('adsw_cron_image_upload_event')...
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    Product Description How-to

    Hello, I am working on a document to define how Product description should be. I like your comment and ideas on this. For Each Individual Product Do: Create an Individual file for each Product Add the following: Answer question: what is important to the buyer for this item? What keywords...
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    Trust Signe top Header

    Hello, I would like to add a Trust Signe on the Header. But i do not know how to adjust the CSS so that it looks clean. <div class="col-auto col-xl-3 py-1"> <img...
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    What works for commenting

    Hello, I want to add commenting in the product review. I also want it to intergrate with the comments that i have imported from Ali. I see in one of the demos that the plugin for commenting in installed. What plugin have you used? Did you have to do any ajustement to the theme/Plugin for it to...
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    Ajust Footer

    Hi, I am customizing the footer of the Shopper Theme and i realy like the footer of the Divinci Theme. Is the a Guide how to replicate the footer in the Shopper theme Where do i change the copywrite notice at the bottom of the screen Thanks P
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    The plugin have issue in importing products

    HI, i am creating a new site and trying to import some product. But it not working well. Can someone help? Pierre