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  1. hunybuny2

    Problem with importing comments / reviews

    Hello, The plugin was working fine until I decided to import some fresh comments from AliExpress. 1. Comment importing was extremely slow. It took me 2 full days to import comments for 100 products. Then I checked the comments already imported and noticed next issue. 2. It ignores the...
  2. hunybuny2

    Migrating from Default AliDropship Plugin to Woo Plugin

    Hello, I've been using default AliDropship plugin with default theme. Now after the release of Woo plugin, I want to move to woo plugin with different theme. However, I've almost 100 products in my store and all products are optimized. I don't want to import all the products from zero. So...
  3. hunybuny2

    Beta test for AliDropship WooCommerce plugin by hunybuny2

    Hello everyone, First of all I would like to thank @Yaros for providing me this opportunity to beta test this amazing plugin. Now, coming over to beta test results. 1. Installation: Installation was smooth, installed like a regular wordpress plugin and found no errors / issues. 2. Set Up...
  4. hunybuny2

    Cart not working on Davinci theme

    Hello, So, I am in final stages of launching my site and I am using Davinci theme. When I add any product to cart and then proceed to checkout, no product shows on cart / check out page. Then I checked same issue with Michelangelo theme, but on that theme it is working fine. In addition to...
  5. hunybuny2

    Images are not showing either in Admin panel or Site

    Hello, I was preparing my site to add SSL. So, I decided to download the images to my server for that purpose. I did the process and when it reached 36 %, my internet was shut down for some time. So, I knew the process is disturbed, I deleted that 36% images and started the process again. But...
  6. hunybuny2

    Few Technical Issues

    Hello, I am currently building a store using your plugin and till now experience has been very easy and awesome. However, there are few problems and questions I would like to ask. 1. On main and category pages, number of star reviews are shown from Aliexpress. For a relitively new site like...