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  1. convct

    Google Compute Engine - Plugin says licence valid, go to dash but cannot go to any other plugin pages, stuck at license page

    Hi, its all in the subject area. I set up Wordpress/WooCommerce. Only Woo and Ali plugins activated Have set wp-config.php for debug but no errors Vanilla install. No browser plugins IonCube PhP 5.6 Tried reinstalling plugin. Any help, total show stopper right now.
  2. convct

    Cookies set by Alidropship plugin

    Hi, my niche requires no cookies to be set by third parties. Can you tell me how I can block your plugin setting its own cookie on customers browsers please?
  3. convct

    Accelerated mobile pages & vanilla plugin

    I've spent quite a while getting up to speed with this whole plugin. Now I've finally come to the now important issue that is accelerated mobile pages (AMP) - I've quickly tried running this using the davinci theme and tested with more errors than I could count. I have quickly researched the...
  4. convct

    Page Not Found on Account and Userlogin page <Titles>

    While the following pages <body> are not giving 404's, the pages titles (<title> seen in the browser tab) are not getting pulled in. Instead it shows "page not found" which will no doubt concern customers. I'm using vanilla plugin and Davinci 0.9.22 Affected URLs...