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  1. shonenrun

    Support for payment gateways besides Stripe?

    Hi, just want to ask if Alidropship plugin will be implementing support for other credit card payment methods besides Stripe? Because my site is selling some tv/movie merchandise but Stripe has stopped/suspended my payouts unless I show them I have permission/license to sell. I wasn't aware...
  2. shonenrun

    How to process orders?

    I just received my first order (customer has also paid via paypal) at my site. But do I need to do anything to process the order with Aliexpress? I tried to find the 'place order automatically' option at the Orders page, but there's no such option. I can't find it anywhere too. Can anyone...
  3. shonenrun

    How to work with Aliexpress affiliate portals?

    Hi i signed up for the Aliexpress portals affiliate program, but how do we use this with our Alidropship website? I'm able to add products to my website with the Aliexpress cashback option. But I have limited understanding of the portals program - it allows us to post Aliexpress banner...
  4. shonenrun

    Remove Seller's Logos? Any solutions?

    Without resorting to photoshop and hosting images on our bandwidth, has anyone figured out a way to remove the Seller's logos? I was thinking if there's a way to crop the photo in wordpress, or to use a white rectangle image to cover the seller's logo. Would welcome if anyone has solved this.
  5. shonenrun

    Namecheap PremiumDNS with Alidropship hosting?

    Hi, just starting on my dropship journey here, glad to read many tips here. I bought my domain name from Namecheap while hosting is from Alidropship. Namecheap has a PremiumDNS option, does it work with hosting by Alidropship? Sorry if this is a noob question. thanks tho!