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    Discounts showing as, e.g. "50 & percnt;" on category listings

    Hi, I have translated an alidropship website into other languages. My discounts are not displaying properly on category listings in other languages. Appearance: Code: <span>50 &amp; percnt;</span> I have contacted support, but got the response: "we cannot guarantee proper work of the...
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    Discount % on product images not showing

    Hi all, I may have done something stupid! :-) All of a sudden my discount %'s have stopped showing on my site. Has anyone else experienced this, or know what I may have done to make this happen? Thanks, Dale.
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    Plugins randomly deactivating: Ads Countdown, Ads Google Merchant, Ads Recent Sales Pop-Up

    I'm note quite sure why this may be happening, but any advice appreciated ... Some of my AliDropship plugins are randomly deactivating, and it seems to happen to these 3 plugins all at the same time. Ads Countdown AliDropship Plugin Ads Google Merchant AliDropship Plugin Ads Recent Sales...
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    Satisfying Google Feed & Alidropship possible?

    Hi, To ensure I have a valid feed to Google Merchant, I needed to create an extra attribute for colour, and then as advised by Alidropship, I created the possible variants. Fantastic I thought! ... But I've just discovered that this breaks feed updates for all products after the product I...
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    Products going out of stock.

    For SEO purposes I wish to keep products live when they go out of stock and not send them to draft. I have set the settings and it works as it should. But the major problem is the out of stock products are listed in a category with a price of "£0.00". Users of the site find this very odd, and I...
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    Upgrading PHP and Alidropship?

    I'm on PHP 7 and want to go to PHP 7.2 I can do the PHP upgrade, but what is the procedure for the alidropship plugin as I need to upload the right version for PHP 7.2 Thanks. Dale.
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    Order total on thankyou page ...

    Hi, I wish to display this information on the thankyou page. Any help appreciated. Ta. Dale.
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    Unable to process orders - City not found in form at AliExpress

    It's a big city in the UK! - Ipswich Looks like the form at aliexpress has been cut down, there are not a big range of options. Dale.
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    Image galleries on product page not showing.

    Hi all, I wondered if anybody here has experience this before? I don't know why, but the galleries on some of my products are not showing. I've tried uploading all images again to my server: But they still don't appear. Further notes: I am logged into aliexpress when trying to import...