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  1. Ulros

    Send an article to draft if the available quantity is 0

    This would be helpful I think.
  2. Ulros

    Do not show the sold number BUT show the number of units available

    I might oversee something but it seems that if I uncheck Enable quantity of orders: then I don't see the quantity available. I think it would be nice to hide the quantity of orders but to show the number of articles available.
  3. Ulros

    Is it possible to create a coupon which is working for one special product only?

    I do not want that the customer can use a let's say 1USD coupn on another product. Just for one product. Is this possible?
  4. Ulros

    Importing all items from a specific store

    Is it possible and I didn't see how? If not than this is a suggestion. I found some stores with nice pis without store number etc and with nice text for the products I want to sell. It is very time consuming to import all products one by one manually. Please have a look into this ;-) Thank you.
  5. Ulros

    Local Wordpress test with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

    Is it possible to test the shop with a local Wordpress installation and then to upload it if I have bought the plugin and I have registered the domain name already? I would like to use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to install a local Wordpress on my computer. Then I install the plugin...
  6. Ulros

    Main Menu left side / Products / Categories best practice?

    I add more and more categories. When I add them on the main menu left side then they will take too much space downwards. If I add only some of them then the customer thinks that I don't have more products. What would be the best practice to not display a too long list of categories but still...
  7. Ulros

    Contact Us page - how to edit the content?

    I wanted to edit the content of the Contact Us page which is a page called contact-us. When I go there with the page edit then I can't see any content. The site itself is displaying the content... What do I miss?
  8. Ulros

    admitad link which one to use?

    I opened an account to get some cashback as you write in the setup. The link I should enter in the setting, is it looking like this: Thank you
  9. Ulros

    Product import runs infinitely (Sometimes)

    I am importing the products one by one from the aliexpress site. Sometimes the import is running and running and running... No end and no import. Any ideas?
  10. Ulros

    Privacy page content

    It seems that the auto-created Privacy page is filled with the wrong content. Here it is showing: Privacy Policy Your satisfaction is our long-term pursuit and concern. We want you to shop with confidence. That’s why we provide guarantees that ensure you’ll receive your item on time and as...
  11. Ulros

    Is the Yoast SEO plugin compatible?

    Hi, can we use this plugin together with the Alidropshipping plugin or are the problems? Thank you