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    Support Issues

    Hi, Aliexpress suppliers team do not reply to the messages. Aliexpress team does not reply to complaints. There is no direct method to reach to the support of Aliexpress team since it uses Bots as a virtual assitant. Alidropship team says they cannot help since they are separate from...
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    Subscription Form set up for Dali Theme

    Hi..seems recently Dali theme was updated and a Subscription Form was added in the same. How ever unlike the Subscription form set up details for other themes I could not find any such guide for Dali theme. Somehow I have managed to add mailchimp code in the customisation settings/subscription...
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    Taxation and Dropshipping rules for India

    Hi, Can anyone share their own experience and inputs on dropshipping in India for Indian customers : 1. What shall be applicable income tax and GST rules if I residing in India start dropshipping for Indian customers ? How to know if GST shall be applicable or not since products shall be...
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    How to have multiple taxes for multiple products

    Hi, The country where Iam selling goods has different tax rates for different products. example : Jeweller may have atax rate of 5% where as clothing may have 18%. So how can I ensure that at the checkout the plugin picks the right tax rate depenidng upon the product type. Can you share a...
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    Kindly validate if these are dummy orders

    Hi, I can see such orders on my website ( refer attachment ) Are these dummy orders which are being used for testing by the Alidropship team when ever Iam raising some concern ? Can you please validate and confirm as I need to know who is trying to place such orders ? Regards Abhay
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    Pricing and Import Issues

    Hi , Iam facing 2 issues on my website : 1. Unable to Import the products directly from alidropship plugin as it asks for account details on aliexpress and the cart just keeps on rotating and does ot import any product. Is it required to have aliexpress account to import...
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    Videos not playing on Dali theme

    Hi, Why are my Vimeo videos not playing on Dali theme ? Kindly help urgently...The video just shows up as an image instead of video.. My site
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    Mobile Responsive - Dali Theme

    How to make the banners and mp4 videos in the Dali theme mobile responsive ?