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  1. Dave Dixon

    No Sales for a while

    Hi all, Been running Facebook Catalog ads for about a week or two, getting some traffic but no sales yet. My store is a general one, but has some niche products. Had some success in the past with one product, but I think that was because I took over the site when it was a Shopify store and...
  2. Dave Dixon

    Facebook Business not recognising new Product categories

    Hi, Just added a few new product categories, but the FB business add on isnt seeing them when I try to map to google categories? Apart from that, its working great, the XML file updates and new products get added to FB ads when I do a fetch. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Dave Dixon

    Facebook Business & Pixel issues

    Hi, Trying to get the Catalog Sales ad sorted, but I get errors in the Pixel, see attached picture. Using Pixel helper, I did a test purchase and it shows the pixel is firing on these events, see other pics attached. Here it appears to have updated to show "Purchase" fired in "Events", but...
  4. Dave Dixon

    Facebook business Pixel issues

    Hi, Trying to get the Catalog Sales ad sorted, but I get errors in the Pixel, see attached picture. Using Pixel helper, I did a test purchase and it shows the pixel is firing on these events, see other pics attached. Not sure if it takes 24h to update? Should I wait or re-setup the events in...
  5. Dave Dixon

    Pricing not working

    I changed the default currency today and later changed it back. After that, all my prices are at zero and the markup formulas aren't working! Please help! Thanks Dave
  6. Dave Dixon

    FB Business add on Problem - Please help

    Hello, I posted in another thread, but I am having problems accessing the dashboard of the FB Business add on. It just shows the license, which I already activated. The Product category mapping screen works, but not the Dashboard,. Please advise? Thanks Dave
  7. Dave Dixon

    Facebook Business add on problem

    Hi, I activated this plugin, and I can see the Category mapping screen but not the dashboard, it just shows the license key, which I already put in and activated. Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  8. Dave Dixon

    Gateway is Damaged

    Hi, Im getting this error on some orders, it appears to be non Paypal orders (Stripe). Any advice please? Thanks Dave
  9. Dave Dixon

    Facebook Pixel Helper issue

    Hi, Just following the new guide for setting up retargeting and Catalogues on FB. I open my site and lcick the Browser plugin Pixel helper and I only see one event being tracked, see screenshot. How do I get it to track the other 2 events "View content" and "Add to Cart"? Thanks.
  10. Dave Dixon

    Suspicious shipping address

    Hello all! I received an order from a US customer, but the shipping address is in Japan. I am unable to locate this address on Google Maps. Payment was with Stripe. The customer left a note on the order too, saying "Please notify me when the order is delivered" I emailed the customer 24 hours...
  11. Dave Dixon

    EPN Cashback on Hold earnings

    Hi all, Since I switched from Admitad to EPN early September - I can see all my earnings are still on Hold. Does anybody know how long they hold the payments? First order was 14/9 - surely this should be approved by now? Thanks all. Dave
  12. Dave Dixon


    Since my trial expired on Sendgrid I am not receiving Shipping and order confirmations. It says after the trial you can still send 100 emails a day - do I need to upgrade or wait until I need more than 100 emails per day? Maybe it's broke somewhere else? Thanks.
  13. Dave Dixon

    Analytics integration

    I set this up at the start and it worked up until recently I started getting an error as shown below. I also tried resetting it and doing it again, but I can't get the screen to select the Web property after putting the Analytics code in, it just disappears again. Thanks.
  14. Dave Dixon

    Admitad Cashback

    Hello, I linked my Admitad acocunt as per the guides. And the test connection works. However, I placed an order today using auto place from the plugin and no cashback is showing yet. I have used the cashback link for other manual orders and it is usually fairly instant. Am I being impatient...
  15. Dave Dixon

    First Sale!

    Well my site has been live for about 3 weeks. I started doing some testing with FB and Bing ads a week or two ago. No sales until...yesterday I got my first one! £37! Feels great. I sell on Amazon and eBay but this is different because I have no commission to pay other than to the payment...
  16. Dave Dixon


    Hello, How do we fix the Alerts? Where it says "Product not updated" etc. I can't see a way to address them or see which products they refer to? Thanks Dave
  17. Dave Dixon

    Shop With Confidence Image links

    Hello, I moved domains a while back and the images for the Shop With Confidence box on the checkout page have the old link. How can I update the link for these to work? I notice they are svg files. I noticed how to turn that box off which I have for now, but want to restore the files to the...
  18. Dave Dixon

    Product feeds for Bing, Google etc

    Hello, Is it possible to do an export for Product feeds for the non Woo Commerce version of Alidropship? I can only find plugins which use WooCommerce. I am interested in doing a Bing campaign and it requires a feed file ( Thanks.
  19. Dave Dixon

    Empty Sitemap

    I enabled the sitemap a while back but it has always been empty. It says at the top: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." Then just a blank page. Have I missed something? Thanks.
  20. Dave Dixon

    License move

    Hello, I moved my site from a temp domain to a new one, and now the License is invalid. Please can I have it moved? Thanks Dave