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  1. Bujuk

    spam users

    hopefully this is the right board for the question/issue. last few weeks my site started receiving numbers of spam users. any suggestion how can i reduce this. and is there a way to differentiate legit and non-legit visitors?
  2. Bujuk

    How to change the color of selected item?

    I'm using woocommerce with "Shopper" theme. My current setting for the selected item is not that attractive. The color for selected item is not that visible. We cannot really observe the differences. There is only a slight color change from the non selected items. So is where exactly we...
  3. Bujuk

    need advice on the shopper theme for woocommerce?

    any body familiar with the theme shopper for woocommerce? i just need some hint on how to setup the "top selling product", "best deal" and " new arrivals" for the front page. is there any menu for that, or do i need to do the hard coding?
  4. Bujuk

    Michelangelo theme

    Just wonder how to fix this error. When i click "my account" my website will send user to my-account page. however it only has this short code: [woocommerce_my_account] I believe this is inherited from my first installation where i installed woocommerce, then later decide to go with the...
  5. Bujuk

    Need clarification on the plugin license

    just curious. maybe someone from the admin can clarify. can we use the license at several stores/sites?
  6. Bujuk

    Need opinion between standard alidrop plugin and alidrop woo plugin

    just need some opinion on the standard alidrop plugin and alidrop woo plugin, which one is better? I'm familiar with wordpress in general and i've user the standard alidrop plugin for my first store. but i've never used the woo plugin before. for the next store i'm considering to use woo...
  7. Bujuk

    Stock changed to 0

    I've been playing around with my store setting for several days now. just happen to me several of the item experiencing similar issue. after editing the item stock changed to 0. when check back with aliexpress, obviously there is more than enough stock available. it happen twice already. by...
  8. Bujuk

    is epacket necessary?

    hai guys, Azman here. i'm setting up my new website. just have one specific question about shipping method. i read somewhere it is a good practice to look for supplier that offer epacket, as you will have tracking and the transit time will be shorter. less headache for us the dropshippers...