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    Have not received email

    I have not received an email with the instructions on how to use/get the social rabbit. What is the process?
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    General Option in WooCommerce

    I have noticed that you cant make marketing to a product that has variations because you do not have the General with Regular Price and Sale Price ... is there a way to work around it? This could be helpful to me or anyone that sells jewelry which looks far expensive than let's say $9.97 (as I...
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    Virtual Assistant

    I would like to have 1-2 virtual assistants that I can add who would have full control of adding products/editing them and such. With such option, I can work me and my lady on the same website.
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    Awesome website to check your wordcount and more

    I have found, just few min ago, this website and offers so much info for what you have written and I think is a must have tool. Just look on the right side of the website after you input some wording from your website :) ... I would say that is valuable info. Right now I have no idea if its free...
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    What are your Price Markups

    My price markup are: 1 0 < cost < $1 cost = 6.95 2 $1 < cost < $2 cost = 7.95 3 $2 < cost < $5 cost * 3.5 4 $5 < cost < $10 cost * 2.5 5 $10 < cost < $30 cost * 2 6 $30 < cost < $50 cost * 1.65 7 $50 < cost < $100...
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    How to setup your HTTPS

    Ok so after reading some posts here on the forums I noticed that many ask about HTTPS(SSL) verification and such My hosting provider has this Let's Encrypt™ SSL which I have activated(it is free of charge btw but not available an entire year but rather few months and in order to make it work...