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    Long Payment Procedure

    Payment gateway is very bad as all the stores depend upon only PayPal because don't have other International Payment gateway but Alidropship & Aliexpress itself not using for their own website because they know the problems with PayPal. Count the steps in our websites to proceed the order. (1)...
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    Ask Again and Again "Instagram Authorize"

    I scheduled my poster on Instagram but after some time it stops automatically due to Login Authentication. Facebook never ask again but Instagram asking after 5-7 post, Can anyone explain to me what is the issue behind of that?
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    Facebook Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

    As I new started and tried to post ads on facebook but never approved due to "Destination URL Issue" or "Content not allowed" like that. But after 4-5 Re-Submitted the ads suddenly they disabled my Ad Account Id. My URL is perfectly working so why facebook showing this issue and now the...
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    Paypal Currency Issue

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    How to delete blog image delete

    As I have posted new blog but one image is showing on the page and not able to delete it. This is on blog page so kindly tell me the procedure so i can delete this one. Kindly check the screenshot for your reference and same I want to delete it.