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  1. Anonymous451

    AliDropship WOO ver. 1.0.6 - UPDATE

    adsw v1.0.6 + chrome plugin 2.6.2 does not allow to place orders. If i remove the cashback url to and leave the cashback field empty I can process orders. If i have a cashback url then it just hangs at adding to cart and nothing happens. this appears on 2 different computers. one is...
  2. Anonymous451

    Latest update of Ali WooCommerce published even those products, which were still in draft

    Yes, I suffer the same thing. I would suggest Alidropship to split the draft option thusly: If product disappear add to draft. If product in draft: Do nothing. So split this option in 2 choices
  3. Anonymous451

    Getting a "no products for import" message

    are you able to import a single product from a product page? I am having an issue with importing one product...
  4. Anonymous451

    Error '500' when importing products

    using the latest plugin 0.8.13 and chrome plugin 2.5.12 and logged in, import page, reboot, cache and all that... this started today, after the last update. can now place orders. that seems to be ok. cannot import. can open edit dialog, but when you click import gives '500' in second. importing...
  5. Anonymous451

    Fulfill Order Loading forever!
  6. Anonymous451

    Fulfill Order Loading forever!

    yes having same issue. looks like it loads the address, then starts again to load the message note. but then never completes... can't stop it either. i am placing order semi manual. since it already applied the address i just cancel, place order manual and it uses the last address. so, what a...
  7. Anonymous451


    Any plans for a Woo version of the Abandon Cart add on? Thanks!
  8. Anonymous451

    Regular and Sale price in Woocommerce

    ok, so this only affects 'new' products imported in the site? it does not appear to 'fix' any of the thousands of products already in the site?
  9. Anonymous451

    Regular and Sale price in Woocommerce

    Strange, because on all my sites, if an item is 'not' on sale, we still have prices in both fields. :( If an item is not on sale, the sale field should be empty... but is not.
  10. Anonymous451

    Regular and Sale price in Woocommerce

    Any news for about this?
  11. Anonymous451

    Big Price Issues

    Something like this plugin would certainly help you, a lot.
  12. Anonymous451

    Aliexpress Order # No Longer Updating

    I get about 50% of the time it is injected. Still trying to figure why sometimes it does not work. It is consistent across several sites this odd behavior.
  13. Anonymous451

    Regular and Sale price in Woocommerce

    This issue also prevents the use of the woocommerce shortcodes for a sales page. For instance, this shortcode gets very confused [products on_sale limit="20"]
  14. Anonymous451

    Direct Import & New Edit Tool

    You just need to have the page open in the store admin for the import section. Your URL should look something like this: wp-admin/admin.php?page=adswimport So in one tab, you have this 'Import' page open, and in another tab -on aliexpress, at the very top of the page should indicate your store...
  15. Anonymous451

    Shipped Order Status Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

    We've completed preparing our shipping status plugin for distribution. We make different plugins to solve issues we have and decided to make them available. Since we have these issues, we thought others may also find our solutions useful. Here is some information about the Shipping Order Status...
  16. Anonymous451

    Trouble with AliExpress

    I recalled now that they have at least 2 support levels. The first person you will chat with is moderately clueless. After going around and around, I was forwarded in chat to another level of people that had better info and more experience.
  17. Anonymous451

    Trouble with AliExpress

    Interestingly enough, I cannot find the page on alipay that I did that. Might not be available to be anymore? Not sure. In my case, I got the link from the chat help desk with a page that allowed me to upload for verification all sorts of items. I suggest, getting back on chat with them and see...
  18. Anonymous451

    Trouble with AliExpress

    I recently had a this same type of issue. Messed up my account for about a week and half. Verify everything you can within the AliPay section of your account. Also, after you have verified, be prepared to wait at least 48 hours for it all to settle in. After I verified, my order payment...