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    How to change tracking provider?

    How do i change the tracking provider? I have tried changing the provider to Aftership & Cainiano but when i follow an orders tracking number it still links to 17track. Which does not work... I get the message "Info unavailable, we can't identify your number yet." I assume the customer will...
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    Michelangelo Problem

    Having an issue with my homepage not displaying correctly after the theme update (Michelangelo) Where it is supposed to show the text: top selling products, best deals, new arrivals. Example below: My site only displays the the lines on either side of the text: Any idea on how to fix this...
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    Pop up Box

    How do i make one of these:
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    Dropshipping Journey from South Africa!!

    Hey guys, Shaun from South Africa. :) I bought an alidropship custom store basic package to start off with Last year. Site is live but i have not put much effort into getting the store off the ground. Basic package only includes 50 products imported for you, so in my spare time i have been...