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  1. mark gulyas

    License key not accepted

    Ive just returned after a year and Im trying to reactivate my license but getting "wrong site" message in wordpress dashboard. I was able to download the plugin from the website after entering my license. Please help
  2. mark gulyas

    phonecase site for sale. Please read

    Hi there fellow drop shippers. I would like to sell my fairly polished phone case store. Please read to see whats included and the reason for sale. Asking price: $300 - Ive spent money and time on this project, so I will not sell it for mush less than that. Please...
  3. mark gulyas

    Automatic order placing not working

    When I click on place order automatically nothing happens, I have to go and click manual order and fill in all the details myself. Tried disable then enable plug in again, didn't help