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    Out of Stock products go to draft

    Why do out of stock products go to draft when I update products? this are my settings in updates When a product disappears or is out of stock: set quantity to zero When a variation disappears or is out of stock: Set quantity to zero When the price changes: do nothing When stock changes...
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    Google Analytics access code 401 ERROR

    I am trying to connect my google analytics to the alidropship plugin Yes I have verified everything on this page: But when i try to "GET ACESS CODE" it comes up with this error: 401. That’s an error. Error: invalid_client...
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    aliexpress manual updates stuck at 1%

    I have the latest alidropship woo update Started happening today, as I update every morning Anyone with the same issue?
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    -> How tracking number works on Woo Plugin? <-

    Hello there people! So i have been searching around the forums and im quite confused as how the tracking number is obtained on the "Shipped order" email costumization. I already searched and obtained the site of alidropship where it helps selecting 17track and activate shipped order template...