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    Product Landing Page/Funnel Creation

    I will create landing pages for your Wordpress powered eCom Store. The landing pages will be created with the following premium WordPress plugins Profit Builder Social Locker Thrive leads The landing pages will have features in the video below: Courtesy: Kingpin PM me your questions and...
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    Online General Store For Sale

    Selling my general store. Built with the Ali woo Plug-In, Flatsome premium Wordpress theme and premium plugins like yith custom thank you pages plugin yith frequently bought together plugin yith abandoned cart plugin etc There are 45+ products suggested by uploaded and...
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    Free & Paid Shipping - Is there a way to combine both?

    I have a challenging scenario, it is a follows: In one order, someone is buying 3 product, one is a free product but paid shipping and the 2 other products are paid products and free shipping, so the question is how can the shipping be combines so that payment for the free product shipping is...