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    Social Rabbit is getting my IG disabled

    Hi, Activating SR is getting my accounts disabled. And I only post 3 things a day: 1 story 1 Grabber 1 Gallery I disabled promoter function and have only those 3 working. Wasn't even posting product. Please help
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    Issues with recent sales popups

    Hi Fam, The recent sales popups plugin stopped working on my site. I can't figure out why. I uninstalled most plugins to know if it was conflicting with any but still won't get resolved. Running wp v5.0.2. Any ideas? Thanks you
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    Callback URL for Twitter and Facebook

    Hi Guys, I need the callback url for both twitter and facebook. I have verified apps and I want to use mine not the "shared by socialrabbit" thing. Please share these with me. Thanks
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    Help: SR gets stuck in "Status! checkpoint_required" in Instagram

    Hi Guys I need help. I kept getting this error "Status! checkpoint_required" for instagram on social rabbit. Went to my IG acount and approved the activity We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Android | Nov 17, 2017 7:14 AM Austin, Texas To secure your account, let us know if this was you...