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    How to Edit/Change item in Order?

    Hi, I have an order for 2 items, but 1 item is out of stock, did anyone know how can I change only 1 item in order to make it disappear before I change the status to Shipped?
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    Suspend Account

    May I know how can I suspend my SocialRabbit account few months and turn it back on later? How to suspend the autopay too?
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    Hi, my purchase email notification got no image and details, just have "name item" showing in the image and "array" in the detail also nothing in the price field, but in the Order shipped notification, there is no problem at all, everything shown correctly, i am using sendgrid as my mailing...
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    How to set to Promo Product?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to promo my Products in Facebook? I did set up Facebook Promoter Robot, and select all Fan Pages, but where can I set my Products to promo to them? or do I misunderstand something? Seems it just post a "Hello world!" to somewhere else.
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    Cannot found a Deeplink for EPN Program

    Hi, I am new in alidropship plugin, can anyone tell me where/how to get the deeplink from EPN program, I did follow the setup from but appear that the layout is totally different and I cannot found where is...