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  1. deep.sandeep

    Google Search Console crawling errors.

    Hello, Is there anyone added your website to Google Search Console?? I am added my website to Google Search Console, I submitted Sitemap.xml file. After that i tested Website URL. I result i saw that URLs crawled but they have issues. I am sending you screenshots. Please check those and if...
  2. deep.sandeep

    sendgrid or sendinblue?

    Which is best among Sendgrid or Sendinblue? (No Spam)
  3. deep.sandeep

    SMTP mailing service.

    Hey! i am using SMTP Mailing service. It is not working with abandoned cart. I tested with myself, as i add item to cart abandoned cart shows results as well as remained time to send mail. As time finished abandoned cart showing email sent. But i did not get the mail. Why? Also i searched in...
  4. deep.sandeep

    Anyone using Paypal Express checkout Option in Alidropship new Update??

    Anybody using this Paypal Express checkout option in alidropship new update? Is it good idea to use? Because with this option customer cannot able to add coupons and if they order then may be we cannot get full address details (May be). If anyone using or used this option then please share...
  5. deep.sandeep

    Abandoned Cart is not working?

    Hey! I installed Abandoned cart plugin, as my store is custom one so email notification service is taken by SMTP service. But issue is whenever anyone puts products to cart then it is displaying in order section as abandoned but it is not showing in Abandoned cart. Not a single product and not a...