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    Simple Feature request for plugin

    Hi , I want to request the developers of to add a confirmation Pop-up or a cancel button in case of bulk importing . Today by mistake I have imported 42 unnecessary products. Thanks in advance !
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    Getting wrong PHP error-Help

    Getting this Error ! While I have checked in my c-panel PHP versin is 7.1 but still getting this error since yesterday. Please suggest
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    Set limit of quantity per order

    How to add a limit of quantity to a product per customer
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    Need help on Paypal

    Hi I am using Ali-woo version and recently set up my site. I have tested a purchase on my site and found that on checkout page I can see my paypal email ID. Is there any way so that I can hide my email in payment page, because it looks very bad as customer will see as "Pay to"...
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    what are the basic checks one have to do before going live a dropship store.

    Hi All the good people here, just need some advice here :)
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    New to dropshipping_need some help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to dropshipping community and recently bought alidropship plugin. Can somebody please help me with, 1. How the email notification are handled in ali plugin, do i need to install some app . like example, if a customer orders something how I send him order confirmed...