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  1. Neil De Mesa

    Email Service Provider

    Guys, anyone here, had experience transferring email provider to another? I am currently processing my account to pepipost. Can I ask assistance on how to? On my pepipost account, its asking to import suppression list. Havent heard from hosting team since last night. Can Anyone assist me how to...
  2. Neil De Mesa

    Payment And Shipping Method Logos not displaying on footer's website on desktop view

    I'm having issue with the way my website displays. If I will view it on a desktop, the payment and shipping logos are not displaying on the footer. Tried configuring it on the settings but still not display, what's weird is it shows on mobile mode/view.
  3. Neil De Mesa

    Aliexpress checkout issue

    I have issue when im on aliexpress checkout. my order cant be processed because my card is having error. shipping add will be from canada. now, the billing add should be on my end right? If so, i need to change the billing address on the card details right? my problem is, there is no option for...
  4. Neil De Mesa

    Alidropship Plugin Failed to Install

    hello there! this is an afterpurchase inquiry. Bought both plugin and hosting from Alidropship. i was trying to install the ioncube loader and themes and it failed. my question is, is it already activated?? do i need to activate the license key?? anybody who can help me from the support theme...
  5. Neil De Mesa

    Dropshippers in the Philippines, anyone?

    Before I buy Alidropship and its hosting I just want to know if there are issues, problems concerning payment gateways in the Philippines. Thanks in advance!
  6. Neil De Mesa

    Filipino Dropshippers, Anyone?

    I just want to know before I buy an Alidropship + hosting, if there are issues, problems concerning payment gateways in the Philippines that you encountered. Ex: (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. Neil De Mesa

    not a techy person

    I want to do this business. My question is based on your experience about the pc or laptop you are using, is there any specifications required such as processor speed, ram, graphics, size of screen? Coz I only have a 12.1 inches laptop with 1.3 ghz speed, and a 2 gb ram. Will this be suffice to...