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  1. Olga B.

    Dropship me button

    Hello Jenny, if you remove the product from your site, but still have it in Trash, the imported product will have inactive Imported button. When you delete the product both from the site and from Trash as well, this product will have active Re-import button.
  2. Olga B.

    Simple Feature request for plugin

    Hello Comely, thank you for your feedback. We'll take it into consideration. Now the number of selected products is shown in the Import selected button which can also help avoid mistakes while importing.
  3. Olga B.

    Welcome to Early Version Test

    Thank you for your feedback!
  4. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.1.0.1 UPDATE

    Minor changes: A bug with doubled images in product reviews on sites with AliDropship Woo plugin was fixed
  5. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.1.0 UPDATE

    Main changes: In Import settings now there is an option to import product to the parent/child category or to use the whole DropshipMe structure In ‘Report this product’ form a dropdown menu to choose the reason was added A bug with images in imported product reviews was fixed
  6. Olga B.

    What Is Dropship.Me And How It Works?

    Hello, DropshipMe allows two importing options - either creating categories from DropshipMe database or assigning your own categories which you already have in your store. If you want to import selected products to your category, please make sure that you have disabled the option 'Create...
  7. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.9 UPDATE

    You see, it isn't possible not to save images on your server. All images are saved on your hosting, and there is no technical solution now to obtain only image links.
  8. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.9 UPDATE

    Hello Andre, We recommend installing DropshipMe plugin on the main domain name (e.g. The matter is that DropshipMe API key can be activated only once and used on one domain only. Each API key allows you to add 50 products for free on your domain. If you activate another API key...
  9. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.9 UPDATE

    Main changes: Product filters and import settings area Now Product filters and import settings are in a collapsible sidebar. Import settings can be saved New Imports History section Your imports history can be viewed in a special section Changes in Import Products section - If you...
  10. Olga B.

    Feature Request for better projects...

    Hello bertlio, Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will keep your suggestion in mind!
  11. Olga B.

    Variation Images not Showing

    Hello, unfortunately there's no screenshot attached. Please try to remove a couple of such products and re-import them using Re-import button. You need to wait until the progress bar is full and green and importing is complete. If the problem remains, please PM me your WordPress and cPanel...
  12. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.8 UPDATE

    Main changes: A bug with variations was fixed (in AliDropship-based sites with the original version of the plugin variations were not available when imported with recommended price).
  13. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

    That's great)
  14. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

    Dear Mogul, please PM me your WP credentials, we'll check what's wrong there.
  15. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.7 UPDATE

    Main changes: Mobile interface was improved In ‘Check my import list’ section the option to sort the products by relevance, price and order count was added A bug in pricing was fixed: in WooCommerce-based sites with currency other than US $ single products used to be imported with supplier’s...
  16. Olga B.

    Not able to import products using Chrome Extension

    Hello ikramkh, I hope that DropshipMe plugin can be useful for your business. We made the plugin and the first 50 product imports absolutely free to give our customers an opportunity to try the plugin and products, to let them see how everything works and to help them make a choice. Besides, we...
  17. Olga B.

    Dropshipme issues

    The 'Shipping to' filter allows to select products with available shipping to the selected country. Free shipping box allows to filter out products with free shipping available, but it doesn't mean that there is free shipping option to any country - to get the exact information, you should click...
  18. Olga B.

    Dropshipme issues

    Hello, thank you for your feedback. You see, when the option "Import with recommended prices" is active, your pricing formula set by AliDropshipWoo plugin stops working. If you want to import products with your own set profit margin, do not activate this option. As for the shipping, please make...
  19. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.6 UPDATE

    Main changes: Supplier price, orders amount and shipping details filters were added In-built currency conversion is available Warehouse location and shipping information for products are available in the Shipping tab Previously imported products can be viewed in the new ‘Check my import...
  20. Olga B.

    Product pictures not importing

    Hello, try to delete the product and import it once again using Re-import button.