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    I ordered a custom store in gadget niche but I started to think that gadget is not a niche and I started to think that this is a mistake, I have no idea who to target with my ads because it is very broad.
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    (HELP) I'm kind of lost right now how to promote my store

    Only advertising I have done is instagram ads and haven't got any result from it. What I need to do next to get my first sale? I read lot of stuff already like seo advertising and other stuff But I'm overwhelmed because it's too much information and stuff to do Experienced dropshipper please help
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    Modifying Checkout page ??

    How come I cannot see the estimated delivery time during checkout? Is there any way to add this feature? Im usingbasic davinci theme with no woo
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    (HELP)How to rank higher on google search

    I have a gadget store and wondering How to get higher ranking when people type in gadget store in google? Please help thankss
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    THANK YOU closed
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    Closed pls delete

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    (HELP) what to do next after custom store is ready

    I ordered custom store and it is already finished, need help with what should I do to advertise and where. From the info I gathered it tells me it is good to start with Instagram influencer to promote my products and store. However it is hard to find a trustworthy account with high engagement...
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    (HELP) how to rearrange product position in my home page? Im using da vinci theme without woocommerce

    I ordered a custom store and after they did everything so shitty from logo to product selection the manager just completely ignore me on skype!! WARNING DO NOT ORDER CUSTOM STORE 100% IS GARBAGE. dont be stupid like me