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    [Group Buy] Google Ads Mastery 2019-2020

    Name : Google Ads Mastery 2019-2020 Type : PPC Course Price : $1499 Cost : 50$ Joined : 1/30 People Homepage : SalePage Features Google Ads Mastery comes in six modules: Module #1: Search: Google’s massive battery of new changes: the New Way of thinking about & running Google Ads How to use...
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    [Group Buy] Targeting Academy + OTOs

    Interested to join..count me in pls
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    Transition to AliDropship plugin (ver. 1)

    Can you check for my problem also?
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    Transition to AliDropship plugin (ver. 1)

    Hello. i want to upload plugin but got this error “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” .The only option that i have is please try again. Please help me. Thank you
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    facebook pixel

    I want to understand how to structure the facebook pixel. because i can see the Conversion tracking script at the thank you page. Really confused how to manage it. Hope someone can help me to clear this thing. Thanks a lot
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    Site description

    solved within 5 minutes,, very good customer support thanks Victoria Kudryashova
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    Site description

    already pm with all details tq.
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    Social Rabbit for Life Time License

    can you share that link?tq
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    Mission to accomplish

    Hi everyone, would like to share the summary of my journey. I bought this plugin on 17/7 Finish setup all of this on my own even completely newbie by 23/7 . Just follow step by step at knowledgebase. Thanks to Yaros and team. -website with all setting -logo -domain with SSL -Paypal -upload...
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    Site description

    I dont know how to make it like this image Already change it in General setting--Site title and tagline--but still appear as Please someone advice me..tq
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    Import Review Issue

    owh ok,noted
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    Import Review Issue

    it suppose only for buyer can leave a review? because when i go through worldofharry,there is no section to leave a review..only can read review
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    Import Review Issue

    How to disable leave review section?
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    Customers Gallery (BETA)

    can you provide installation tutorial for this?sorry for very newbie request