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  1. kingpin

    My first dropship store - what to expect

    Learn social media ads. Don't focus much on design of your store. Marketing is the key here. 1000$ is a good amount as a starter to test some products. 1. Find successful stores or sjopify stores 2. Goto their Facebook page and goto ad library and see what product ads they're dping. Copy them...
  2. kingpin

    [NEW] Sellvia - Get products with 1-3 days shipping within the US

    Hi @Yaros Send me the plugin, would love to test it. Regards!
  3. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Hey everyone, it's almost over a year i didn't add any value to the forum. So here i am :) I have discovered a way for newbies or anyone wanting sales for free without spending money on social media ads to generate revenue. I am making a PDF about it and be sending it to first 20 people ONLY...
  4. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Hey mates, I'll be in US for a month for business and vacation. If you're somewhere near my locations, would love to meet and help anyone struggling with their e-commerce business in realtime for free. Send me a personal inbox message here on the forum and I will keep you inform about my...
  5. kingpin

    What are the most important plugins you're using for your woo store?

    It comes with many free and paid ones. When you install woo on your wordpress you'll be given two free payment gateway to use. PayPal and Stripe. Paid payment gateway plugins come with more features and enhanced experience. Woocommerce is better than opencart Regards!
  6. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Hey mates Its been quite a while i didn't participate on the forum or posted any update or new things we are doing in-house to scale our businesses. After Christmas i will post an update about how we are able to scale our business from one store to 59 now. We are more into POD and Private Label...
  7. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    You can use fancy designer plugin from codecanyon
  8. kingpin

    Upsell Woo (BETA)

    Hey @Ekaterina Sayapina Send me the keys. I would love to test it. :)
  9. kingpin

    Get Email list of prospects of any niche + Buying Keywords curated using Amazon (FREE GIFT FROM ME)

    Hello mates. I will fulfil some requests this coming weekend Regards!
  10. kingpin

    Free Premium Woocommerce Extensions

    Because WORDPRESS IS GPL And plugins and extensions are part of wordpress so technically and logically they're also regard as gpl. Any wordpress plugin or theme developer is liable to put GPL licenses to comply with wordpress core TOS. Yith or any other agency/company selling plugins and...
  11. kingpin

    New Version - Woocommerce 3.5.0 - Blurry Variation

    Goto your wordpress dashboard>> settings>> media And uncheck the part mentioned on the screenshot here. I believe this will work
  12. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Two things one can do here when epacket will become obsolete. 1. Buy in bulk from Alibaba and ship it to any fulfilment centre or FBA and process orders accordingly 2. Target worldwide. There are many other economies to target, why just limiting to US. My primary audiences are from Australia...
  13. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Just wanting to share an update Its almost confirmed now that the shipping method epacket will be discontinued in USA or the prices will increase. This move by US will surely going to effect dropshipping businesses targeting USA.
  14. kingpin

    My skype: mirdoindia

    My skype: mirdoindia
  15. kingpin

    Shoutout to INDIAN dropshippers

    PM me your contact number, i will call you Regards!
  16. kingpin

    Shoutout to INDIAN dropshippers

    Haha You should consult your CA for this information.
  17. kingpin

    Shoutout to INDIAN dropshippers

    I dont pay for facebook ads using my Indian bank accounts Or Cards