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  1. kevgl

    Import Review & YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews Premium

    Hi there, i was having the exact same issue until i found out about Customer Reviews for WooCommerce I tried the following plugins but they all don't seem to load the comment/reviews at all: Site Reviews WP Product Review Lite Richt Reviews by Starfish Photo Reviews for WooCommerce Ultimate...
  2. kevgl

    SEO Image Optimizer (BETA) - Improve website speed and SEO ranking

    I hope the beta test will be a blast. I am also in need of a feature like this. I like the idea, thanks for developing, Yaros and team.
  3. kevgl

    Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme for sale

  4. kevgl

    Product links not working

    Thanks @doroness and @Direct Webstore - issue resolved. Cleared cache from Google Chrome and now they load.
  5. kevgl

    Product links not working

    Yes Importing products today and yesterday, now can't view them on AliExpress - page not found 404. Doesn't matter if i'm logged in or not. Other browsers show the same page not found page.
  6. kevgl

    I can't import products to my store

    Np, it happened to me yesterday and today - all with latest updates. I use this workaround if it happens.
  7. kevgl

    I can't import products to my store

    Don't just hope it goes from loading to importing without doing anything about it. Try the following: 1. Clean your browsers cache (browsing & download history, cookies, site data, cached images, files etc. 2. Try again. Still can't import any products? Go to step 3. 3. Clean browsers cache...
  8. kevgl

    Abandon Cart Email Sending To Junk Mail

    Research how to prevent emails going to the spam folder.. Even before sending out your first mail make sure you hit nu junk triggers and KNOW you can use it LIVE (not in test modes a.k.a. unconfigured). Use any of these, so called junk mail trigger words (there are a lot, just search it) and...
  9. kevgl

    Product import not working

    I was trying to find out if there were images importing that could have reduced the importing of products. It looks like this is not the problem. Why i wanted to know is because i have slow importing to. Went importing yesterday and it took well over 12 hours to import all the images (650...
  10. kevgl

    Product import not working

    Heya, can you check if there's a "Images to be imported: ... " in the upper toolbar of your WordPress website? It looks like as in the picture i've sent.
  11. kevgl

    Cashback Alipromo dismissed?

    So you were using somebody else's affiliate URL when going to Epn? Or was this link owned by them.. Trying to make sense out of this.
  12. kevgl

    The DaVinci 2.0 Woo theme (BETA)

    Lol, from that point i clicked away. I don't have the patience you have :)
  13. kevgl

    The DaVinci 2.0 Woo theme (BETA)

    Wow man, what's up with the with the crappy image you have chosen? Please do something about that. It keeps me thinking the store needs to load a bit more. lol.. How can we know what version you have? Add to cart is an addon. Download it here: 1. Go to 2. Click ADD-ONS...
  14. kevgl

    The DaVinci 2.0 Woo theme (BETA)

    Thanks. i misunderstood :)
  15. kevgl

    The DaVinci 2.0 Woo theme (BETA)

    Hi, from what i can i see, i like it even more than the original. Now for me it's easy too choose Woo instead with this theme. Thanks! No more endless searching what theme i like, finding out it's missing things. Now onto the reply, are you going to add it within the Alidropship plugin or will...
  16. kevgl

    It's good or bad to earn from copyrighted stuff?

    Question is, does Yaros use this for demo purpose or actually processing payments. I have had some copyrighted things also, i was asked for licenses about selling. It was an inactive store so i put it down immediatly. Somehow i think 80% of the products do have copyright infringement, but on...
  17. kevgl

    Jewelry Store for sale with 1561 products with Facebook 8,564 followers

    How in earth can you expect getting $700 out of this, seen stores like this sell for maybe $100. Because you put time and effort in it won't affect price going upwards. You do really have to learn a lot. I know you might hate me now but please get real.. Fact you are dissing my Dutch friend Dave...
  18. kevgl

    Post from external Sources

    Something i've missed. thanks. Currently reading through topics to see if i have missed anything the pas half year or so lol.
  19. kevgl

    Post from external Sources

    Social Rabbit Update 3.0.2. - 13. Import of Images and GIF’s from and straight to Media Gallery. Why need an extra addon.. Just create an account at both sites and explore right there. Besides this you are able to upload pictures within WordPress itself. There's really no...
  20. kevgl

    New store add to carts no orders.. I'd go for no 11. Trust seal badges. But besides this list, which you may find handy, or not. Do use daily social media posts to create a channel people can relate with. Engage with...