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  1. Rumegado

    Fake Address/Phone Number or Real?

    I use my real VoIP number, which I use all the time for everyday life and also for work. It is very convenient because it is more reliable and secure because the connection is over the Internet and not over the telephone network. I think everyone should try such numbers, because I am sure that...
  2. Rumegado

    Advantages of Choosing Liner Shipping for your Cargo

    Using drop shipping most of the time I had to struggle with documentaries. One of the best ways to deal with this time-wasting is a document generator. I spent a lot of time looking for such services and found one which I can recommend to everyone. SuperCMR helped me...
  3. Rumegado

    Selling ebook or other digital products using Alidropship plugin

    I have been using this plugin for a long time and have already forgotten how everything works there. I'm so used to download all the files like books, films, and music from torrents through 1337x mirror. You can find it here in case you are tired of buying all this stuff.
  4. Rumegado

    Home Decor Dropshipping Store For Sale (Ready To Scale)

    The business idea with home decor sales is very good and profitable. When I tried to implement this idea, I bought a huge amount of material and installed some in my home. I also decided to use I was able to complement my interior and add austerity and...
  5. Rumegado

    Facebook advertising

    I personally have a brand of clothes (women/men) for sport and home. hoodies, pants, t-shirts, shorts At first, I felt the images are enough for the ads, but when I filmed and edited my first ever clip with them, showing the quality, the comfiness, the colors, and how you can style them, it made...
  6. Rumegado

    Dropshipping Videos: How to Make Video Ads For Dropshipping?

    You have to be creative. Try to do a kind of review on a product and upload it to your youtube channel with a link where you sell it. The quality of the video should be high, and montage should be also present. You can't simply upload a long video in one shot. It would look unprofessional. I...
  7. Rumegado

    Paypal Payments on HOLD...why?

    Money was transferred on hold while u paid for an online purchase? In case that's the issue u are suffering from, that's a completely common experience. And that's actually rlly cool cuz PayPal is giving u the guaranty and you are safe from the scams. U can read more about this on this forum...
  8. Rumegado

    FREE TOOL | SHARE | Great tool to create beatifull video ads for any niche

    I was just searching for that, thank you! I was sure I'll find some suggestions on my fav forum without googling ;) Creating videos is just a hobby for me so I always used Now I need to make a cool video for my first ever website. So your help is really appreciated.
  9. Rumegado

    Gaming Accessories Store

    So, you sold it already or not yet?
  10. Rumegado

    Beauty & Health store for sale

    I am interested in the reason for the selling. Now people have the nerve to sell even if the product is in a really bad shape. I had a situation last year when I wanted to buy a small space in a market for selling flowers. The seller didn't inform me about water problems, the lack of heat, so he...
  11. Rumegado

    Ability to sell gift cards

    Indeed it is a good idea. I would want such an option.
  12. Rumegado

    Taxes - Clarification

    But, why AliExpress, why not Amazon, is there difference with the points written above?
  13. Rumegado

    Gaming Accessories Store

    Why do you sell it?
  14. Rumegado

    How do I identify a font?

    ooooh, nice. I was looking to find such an app. Every time I found nice pictures I spent hours finding the font, now will be easier. Thanksss!
  15. Rumegado

    Top suppliers for eco-friendly niche

    Crap website-sties! Where I can get products for hygiene purposes!?
  16. Rumegado

    iPhone Niche Store For Sale

    This doesn’t seem to be edited. The site is made like by a teenager, just to be done. I can say that iphones, and apple watches shouldn’t be bought from an online store from China. You never know what device they will send you, and if they will send something in general. I have an Iphone Xr...
  17. Rumegado

    So Health .Co - my journey

    I also try to follow a healthy lifestyle but I have a different vision regarding of a healthy lifestyle. I practice sport, but the sport I practice is yoga. I eat only healthy food. By the way, I would like to talk a little about yoga as I noticed that people look at yoga sceptical. To be honest...
  18. Rumegado

    US shipping & China Shipping

    Usually, it is written on their website, if not you can write a message to the support team and ask about their shipping options. I don’t know if time can show you from which country your parcel was sent, because sometimes, you can get a parcel from china, faster than a parcel from the USA...
  19. Rumegado

    Health Products Niche For Sale

    Hello, I am interested in your products, can you tell me more about what exactly do you sell. I need some products, which my doctor prescribed me for anxiety and depression, and I am searching for them anywhere but I can't find anything. I suffer from depression for some time, and I tried almost...
  20. Rumegado

    Convert our website to mobile App

    Not every time it is pissible to make this conversion working the original way one work. Usually you have to modify a lot in order to do it.