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  1. pravin.p

    Rembrandt theme issue

    Hi Areeb, It was due to cache issue for me. Open your website and clear cache by presing Ctrl + F5 It should load new images
  2. pravin.p

    Rembrandt theme issue

    Just sent you PM
  3. pravin.p

    Rembrandt theme issue

    Hello, I have updated these banners from theme customization options yet they don't reflect on website. In the customization panel I see they are applied. How to fix it? @Ekaterina Sayapina
  4. pravin.p

    dropshipping form india, business registration and payments

    Yes you can You can register single proprietorship firm if you work alone. Use payment gateways like Paypal and 2Checkout.
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    Instagram accounts - Real followers, engagement

    Hello everyone, I got lot of Instagram accounts for sale. Real & active followers Good engagement* (depends on accounts) All accounts verified with real mobile no./SIM card Some of them are hand grown and some are grown using bots You will get accounts along with email/pass which was used to...
  6. pravin.p

    Licence key - wrong site!

    ok they did reset mine and its working fine now.
  7. pravin.p

    Licence key - wrong site!

    I just updated theme and suddenly its asking me to activate plugin, and when I do it shows wrong site error. I did not use the license on any other site. I have sent Victoria and Ekateria my license key via PM, could someone fix this issue for me quickly?
  8. pravin.p

    IONcube loader not found

    From your hosting CP go to PHP selector, see if its enabled or available from there. Or switch php version to 7 or 5.6 (make sure you download compatible version if you change it)
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    BIG SUGGESTION - Stopping imported, unedited products from showing live on my site when importing!!!??

    After you edit product you get two options - Publish & Add to import list. You can move that to import list and publish from there when you are ready. Also while editing, the pricing markup formula is applied by default, so no worries on the pricing front either. About product already imported...
  10. pravin.p

    Order fulfillment status not working

    Hello, I checked again and both "Mark orders as 'Processed' " & "Mark orders as 'Shipped' " are set to ON. Yet after order processing it did not change status to processed. Today the order was shipped by seller and again it did not update status and collect tracking ID. How to fix it...
  11. pravin.p

    Why you don't respond any thread about multivendors or Marketplace plugins compatibility?

    Not necessary every vendor will be importing products from Aliexpress and have access to full Alidropship plugin features same as owner. The multi vendor plugin will have its own CP and features for vendors so there is no issue of losses for Alidropship team. I was also looking to implement...
  12. pravin.p

    New Standardized Checkout

    On current design the products in cart takes 2-3 seconds to load when you open checkout page and same with cart page, can you fix and make products in cart and while checking out appear immediately?
  13. pravin.p

    What to do next

    You need to design one yourself and upload it.
  14. pravin.p

    Does the theme/plugin allow input of products outside AliExpress?

    Yes you can add any products from any source. You'll need to update stocks, orders manually for those products.
  15. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Selling Webrily tool for $10

    Still available guys, grab it quickly!
  16. pravin.p

    [SOLD] Selling Webrily tool for $10

    bump changed price to only $10
  17. pravin.p

    DaVinci theme template issue

    Thanks everyone for looking into this, I had Woocommece plugin installed which wasn't required with the Alidropship plugin. Disabling Woocommerce plugin fixed those issues.