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    Innovative Company Name Hunt: Seeking Your Creative Spark!

    Hello everyone, I'm embarking on a thrilling journey of naming my new venture and would love your input! My company is geared towards revolutionizing [Your Source for Unique and Memorable Names! I envision a name that conveys innovation, reliability and captures attention effortlessly. Think...
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    Marketing strategy for beginner

    Navigating the challenges of starting a business during an economic downturn can be tough, especially when trying to attract viewers without a big budget. Consider leveraging social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which offer cost-effective ways to reach a targeted audience through...
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    Financial support or investment

    To get the investment, you must develop a clear business plan. Periodically, investors organize meetings to choose the object of investment. If an investor likes your project, they will give you the money you need. You can also try to take part in a public tender. This, too, requires a...
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    Products screenshots to share on social media

    I understand the frustration with pop-ups ruining product screenshots. I've been using this mocospace that effectively blocks pop-ups and allows for customization. With this tool, I add a frame to my screenshots for a polished look and can easily customize which elements to keep or remove. Plus...
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    Gold & Jewellery Business

    Your commitment to delivering high-quality gold jewellery with exquisite designs is impressive. It's great to hear about your professional R&D team and the latest technology you use to create world-leading quality products. I'll check out your website visit to explore your designs. Keep up the...
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    [Selling] Steam keys Random and Premium Region free | Spotify Premium 12 months account full access | Freepik Premium | Nordvpn premium

    Spotify premium accounts cannot work with a Steam account if registered in different countries. I had to listen to music through the premium account, but I couldn't buy musicvertising to do the same thing abroad. When I came back, it all worked. So I think this point was not considered at the...
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    Tax Calculation/Update

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    Tax/GST Not recalculating after discount

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    Transitioning to Marketing Management: Need Guidance

    Hi everyone, I'm aiming to transition into a marketing manager role and would love some advice. What are the most important skills and qualifications to focus on? Also, could you shed some light on the day-to-day responsibilities and common challenges faced by the marketing manager job...
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    Anime and Manga Art Supply Store for Sale (WooCommerce)

    Your anime and manga art supply store getting a new home is quite the journey. It's cool how you're focusing on your established tech stores while passing on this creative venture. Selling something you've put effort into can be a mix of emotions, but it sounds like a smart move for your current...
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    E-commerce website for sale. Fully automated and ready to go

    Hello. Could you kindly provide me with the following details: Monthly Revenue and Profit: I'm interested in understanding the revenue and profit figures for the past 12 months to gauge the financial performance of the website. Operational Costs: What are the monthly operational costs...
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    Selling my e-commerce (more than 80 products sold)

    The marketplace has been around for thousands of years with many new successful vendors all the time. If it's just straight dropshipping online then it's just a matter of skillful marketing. eBay & Amazon came along as a "Disruptive Service" and started doing things differently which changed...
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    Need Advice on Website Development: Seeking Input

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a website project and could use some guidance. I'm grappling with a few issues and would love to hear from those with experience in website development. I'm struggling with optimizing the site for mobile responsiveness while maintaining a visually...
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    Questions About Forming a Company in the USA

    thanks in advance for any help
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    Questions About Forming a Company in the USA

    Hello everyone, I am considering forming a company in the USA and have a few questions. what are the main differences between an LLC and a corporation? Also, which states are most advantageous in terms of taxes and regulations for startups? I would appreciate any insights on the process...
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    Tax Calculation/Update

    Since the taxes are set up correctly in WooCommerce and the issue seems to be related to the trigger for updating the checkout summary upon entering the shipping state, there might be a conflict with the Davinci Woo theme. One thing you could try is reaching out to the theme developer or their...
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    How to Configure Shadowrocket on iPhone

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial on using Shadowrocket with YiLu Proxy on iPhone. It seems like a straightforward process to connect to dynamic proxy IPs in various countries. The step-by-step guide, including scanning the QR code to add the proxy IP and checking the connection status, appears...
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    Tax/GST Not recalculating after discount

    Hey there, I totally understand your frustration. It's frustrating when the GST amount doesn't adjust after applying a discount code at checkout. It seems like a glitch in the system if it's consistently miscalculating. As for Alidropship's response, it does sound a bit baffling. The GST...
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    What do you think about the Nail Art niche?

    I think the Nail Art niche is fantastic! It's a space where creativity knows no bounds. People can express themselves in unique ways through nail designs, and it's incredible to see the diversity of ideas out there. Whether you're into classic styles, bold and vibrant looks, or something...
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    Understanding Cash App APK: Questions and Clarifications

    thanks in advance for any help