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  1. a_abbasi

    How can I re-import the imported product from Aliexpress website to get ??

    open that product in other window. delete from you website and then delete permanently from Trash. You will be able to import again the same product from Aliexpress after refreshing product page.
  2. a_abbasi

    You're welcome to join the AliDropship Affiliate Program

    What about the discount percentage the purchaser get who will purchase plugin because of our referral
  3. a_abbasi


    Mine is also pending.
  4. a_abbasi

    Cashback URL is gone after click the save button

    Thanks Christina... It worked now. I have entered website instead of dropshipping in the information they required.Its pending status now. Thanks again.
  5. a_abbasi

    Cashback URL is gone after click the save button

    i have downloaded header and footer plugin and pasted link there but still verfication failed. do I need to purchase one more plugin :(
  6. a_abbasi

    Cashback URL is gone after click the save button

    I have registered in admitad and got their file to be uploaded in Website root folder, can you please help me how to upload it ? i have opened file manager in cpanel and uploaded there.Later checked but not validated.
  7. a_abbasi

    Product variation customization request.

    If you wanna try dropdown, go to attributes, expand all, in sizes select Display Product Variations in dropdown,,, save it and update product...
  8. a_abbasi

    Product variation customization request.

    I didnt like this one too, therefore i have added size variation in dropdown menu... for color, images and for sizes, it will be dropdown menu
  9. a_abbasi

    Yaros can you please tell us more about LLC and USA?

    for California, it shows the following otal In Your Cart: $ 292Processing and Filing $ 75California State Filing Fees $ 59California Statement of Information P... $ 59Order Processing $ 99Registered Agent Service $ 109Recommended Additional Items $ 109EIN for Non-US Persons $ 0Other Useful...
  10. a_abbasi

    [METHOD] STRIPE Payment Gateway

    dear Kingpin, I also dont want to take any risk and involve myself in issues from payment gateways.. I have the plan for multiple websites and want these all payment issues to be resolved first. 1 : Is one LLC enough for multiple websites, like 10/15 in future? 2 : I have many relatives in US...
  11. a_abbasi

    Payment gateway for overseas buyers on Indian store

    Payment gateways for Saudi Arabia please..... anyone who have done from here or know better about this region... what about paytabs / payment wall etc...
  12. a_abbasi

    From $0 - $9,500 in 17 days with only $250 Ad spend!!!

    As i am new and i am setting up website right now so i cant understand well about SEO and advertising right now because i didnt started it yet. if one have to hide website url then how customers will come,. Please clear my confusion.
  13. a_abbasi

    A Little bit about me and my dropship journey

    My store is totally new and therefore facebook page i created is new with no likes and similarly instagram will have no followers. so if i go for shoutout or even facebook advertising, i cant give them social links as it may give them negative image. please advise. Moreover, we can create page...
  14. a_abbasi

    SSL issue with Alidropship hosting

    change permalinks i.e. from http to https, one more thing i did and it resolved the issue. by going to cpanel and running autossl like my mail wasnt working bcoz of ssl and i added mail link in the list and ran autossl i am new too, yes alidropship team will surely assist you.
  15. a_abbasi

    Registering an LLC in the US

    haha... Thanks a lot.
  16. a_abbasi

    SSL issue with Alidropship hosting

    SSL is already included in Alidropship hosting, you don't need any extra SSL. Install SSL plugin, " Really simple SSL " and activate it. Hope so it will solve your issue. Change permalinks http to https as well.
  17. a_abbasi

    Registering an LLC in the US

    Well right now living in Saudi Arabia but will move to Pakistan later on. ok i understood about 2checkout, but my question is, 1> Reason for going for LLC is just to get payments through Stripe only or any other reason as well? 2 > Lets say if case approved then there will be no need of LLC?
  18. a_abbasi

    Registering an LLC in the US

    Purpose of LLC ? only to get payment through Stripe? If 2checkout approves your case then it means that we dont need LLC? I was about to purchase 2checkout plugin but lateron i read that our store should get approval from them means it was a totally wastage of money if i had purchased it and...
  19. a_abbasi

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Dear, if you can share link / pdf with me then please inbox me. I will be very thankful to you.