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  1. nardog03

    my first sale :)

    start promoting paid ads is a plus until Google starts to index your website
  2. nardog03

    Product Reviews Not Showing

    Thank you it has been resolved
  3. nardog03

    Product Reviews Not Showing

    Hello I am having issues with the product reviews showing on the front end of the product page. The plugin is importing the reviews but it won't show at all, I have tried multiple review plugins but it is still giving me this issue. Any solution will help. Thank you
  4. nardog03

    Delete Attributes Before Importing The Product

    Agree they need to bring it back
  5. nardog03

    The El Greco theme (BETA)

    I would like to be a beta tester plz
  6. nardog03

    Alidropship not grabing Order ID

    I am experiencing this same issue on all my AliWoo stores, support can you help please
  7. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Ok cool. Thank you for your response, do you have any woocommerce plugins that you would recommend. I personally think it should be an option to choose which layout you prefer but I appreciate your opinion.
  8. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Hey Alidropship Team, I think you should look at changing the layout of the Alidropship review. Looking at reviews platforms like Loox or Ryviu they have helped many other stores in its conversion rate by changing they display for the reviews to be shown in a grid format instead of the standard...
  9. nardog03

    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Please make it available to Woocommerce this is a game changer
  10. nardog03

    The Andy Warhol theme (BETA)

    Will this new theme be available for Woocommerce as well?
  11. nardog03

    WooCommerce big update ver. 3.6.0, 3.6.1

    Thank you Alidrop Team for the quick updates and fixes..
  12. nardog03

    What are the most important plugins you're using for your woo store?

    Mailster works with almost any stmp providers such as pepipost, mailgun etc. Klaviyvo is a stand alone stmp SAS company that you can use it's more popular on the Shopify platform because of the limited stmp services.
  13. nardog03

    The DaVinci 2.0 Woo theme (BETA)

    Looking forward to the release!!
  14. nardog03

    The Dali theme (BETA)

    Very nice theme... I really appreciate the hard work you guys put in keeping your platform up to date!!
  15. nardog03

    AliDropship Google Chrome extension ver. - UPDATE

    Thank you for this update.
  16. nardog03

    I am Aliexpress Top Brand seller, we're looking for partners.

    Hey Chuck, can you send me the URL of your store
  17. nardog03

    Alidropship Plugin Crash Google Chrome

    Mines has also crashed after the update also :confused:
  18. nardog03

    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.3.4 - UPDATE

    Ok will send you the PM information now